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Engineering and technological advancements are usually not born from a vacuum, but instead originate from a specific need in society. These needs can be quite broad in scope and can range from military applications to leisure. The mass distribution of electric power, the introduction of computing, transportation infrastructure, mineral extraction and the synthesis of various chemicals and materials have all had profound effects on our day to day lives.

STARS Articles

STARS articles are peer-reviewed articles on the history of major developments in technology. Available in the culture and society are:


  • Alternative theories - Explanations for phenomena which do not coincide with mainstream viewpoints
  • Education - Topics related to non-engineering specific education, such as literacy and educational infrastructure
  • Ethics - Ethics and morality can play a large part in engineering
  • Humanitarian - Efforts to better humanity
  • Home & family - Engineering issues as they impact every day life
  • International affairs & development - As electrical engineering is an international profession, its affairs often impact international developments
  • Law & government - Legal, patent and government regulatory topics
  • Leisure - Activities like movies, games and visual arts
  • Music - the art or science of combing vocal or instrumental sounds to produce beauty or expression of emotion
  • Social responsibility - approaching engineering solutions in a fashion beneficial to the good of humanity
  • Surveillance - the monitoring of the activities of a group or individual for intelligence gathering or policing purposes
  • Transportation planning - the construction and design of transportation infrastructure

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