Professionalism and Ethics RAW Oral/Written Spectrum Institute Interview of Walter L Elden



Kathy Pretz, Chief Editor of IEEE’s INSTITUTE, conducted a raw interview of IEEE Life Senior Member Walter L. Elden, P.E. (RET) on April 23, 2021 to prepare for a June 2021 article in SPECTRUM/Institute. The subject matter focused on his views and past experiences in Professionalism and Ethics.


In 1974, the Orlando IEEE Section awarded Walter L Elden, PE, a "Professionalism Engineer of the Year" Award During Engineers Week. The award was given for his creating the first Professional Activities Committee and a Professional Papers Session at the 1974 SOUTHEASTCON, and the firsts ones in IEEE history, and since IEEE amended its Constitution by over 83̥ YES votes in 1973, for the first time also. At SOUTHEASTCON he presented 1 Technical co-authored paper and several Professional papers over the objection of his Martin Company, Communications Division, Engineering Manager, which led to his FORCED RESIGNATION UNDER COERCION later, under advice of his Attorney.

Here is the link to the final published article in INSTITUTE JuLY 06, 2021ː

A Passionate Proponent of Professional Ethics for Engineers; Walter Elden has been an advocate for ethics advice and support programs for members since he led the USAB proposals for creating the original IEEE MEMBER CONDUCT COMMITTEE in 1978, THEN SERVED ON IT 1996-1998, AS ADVOCATE FOE ETHICS ADVICE AND SUPPORT. He then created and led the IEEE CONCERNED ETHICS VOLUNTEERS, the CEV, to restore Advice and Support which was restored in 2022.

SUGGESTIONː Listen to each audio while following the original unedited text, as in the audios, new comments of Elden have been added. Answers to 5,6 and 9 are particularly important.