Post Office Engineers inspect Marconi's equipment, Flat Holm island, 1897

The engineering profession covers a wide range of technical focus and an even wider range of people. Management style, workplace satisfaction and standardization can be just as crucial to the development of new technologies and engineering practices as the innovations themselves. Education is crucial for the training of new engineers, and engineering ethics are essential for insuring that technology and engineering practice progresses in appropriate fashion. This category includes topics which pertain to the profession as a whole.


  • Business - Business related topics such as contracts, market research and public relations
  • Diversity - The promotion of varied demographics in the workplace
  • Economics - Topics dealing with the economy as a whole, including macro and microeconomics, exchange rates and commercialization
  • Engineering disciplines - Various disciplines of engineering including chemical, civil and mechanical.
  • Engineering education - Topics pertaining to all aspects of educational materials for engineers
  • Industries - Various types of industries such as agriculture, mining and defense industries
  • Institutional histories of professional associations - The membership associations which compose the engineering profession, including AIChE, AIME, ASCE, IEEE, SPE, and SWE
  • Legal factors - Law related issues which impact engineering, including copyright protection, product liability and contract law.
  • Management - Issues relating specifically to management, including human resource management, project management and innovation management
  • Patents - the granting of monopoly rights to an invention by a government
  • People and organizations - Topics in this category deal with the people and organizations behind technological innovation
  • Product safety engineering - Engineering for product safety involving various risk management strategies
  • Professional communication - Issues that deal with communication in the workplace
  • Professional training and development - Topics related to continual education related to one's career
  • Project management - the discipline of planning, organizing and securing resources to achieve certain goals
  • Standardization - The formalization of consistent engineering practices
  • Workplace - Issues pertaining to the workplace such as safety in the workplace, workplace diversity and division of labor

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