Yale Brozen


Yale Brozen
Kansas City, MO, USA
Associated organizations
University of Chicago


Yale Brozen was an economist at the University of Chicago who opposed government regulation in the marketplace.

Brozen was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and attended Kansas City Community College in the 1930s. He then earned two bachelor’s degrees, first from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the second from the University of Chicago. In 1942, he earned his Ph.D in economics from the University of Chicago. He joined the Army Signal Corps in World War II, directing its radar and telephone maintenance training program.

After the war, Brozen taught at Northwestern University and the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business. At Chicago, he was a member of the “Chicago school” of economists who supported the deregulation of the marketplace. In three decades of scholarship and teaching, he wrote on regulation and antitrust issues and served as a consultant to corporations and government agencies. He became known for his vocal attacks on federal trade policy, including his opposition to the Federal Trade Commission’s efforts to regulate false advertising in the 1970s.