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The Engineering and Technology History Wiki has a three-tiered controlled vocabulary, which all its pages are categorized with. There are thirteen top-level categories, which have an average of about 15 second-level subcategories, and those second-level have an average of about 15 third-level categories. Each category page will list all of the pages which have been tagged with that category, as well as any subcategories, if applicable. Browse any of the top-level categories below.

Top-Level Categories

  • Bioengineering - The link between engineering and life sciences, bioengineering concerns problems in living organisms which can be solved by engineering methods.
  • Communications - Communications refers to the use of signals to transfer voice, data, image, and/or video information between locations, the main applications of which are in communications science, engineering, and technology.
  • Computing and electronics - Computers encompass devices which are capable of performing some kind of mechanical calculation. These range from modern personal computers, to calculating machines like a slide rule.
  • Energy - Topics dealing with the distribution and production of energy sources
  • Engineering and society - Topics included in this category deal with the impact technology has on society at large.
  • Engineering fundamentals - Various technical topics which cut across engineering disciplines, encompassing many branches of mathematics and scientific disciplines
  • Environment - Subjects dealing with attempts to reduce the negative impact on the environment, and subjects which aim to gain a greater understanding of the environment itself
  • Health and safety - Topics in this category deal with the concern for human safety in and out the workplace and the general well-being and healthiness of the population.
  • Materials - Topics related to material properties, including metallurgy, chemistry, chemical engineering and fossil fuels.
  • Mechanics - Topics related to the mechanical engineering topics, including tools and machinery
  • Profession - Categories which encompass non-technical matters related to engineering profession at large, including institutional history of IEEE, AIME, ASCE, AIChE, AIAA, ASCE, SWE and SPE.
  • Structures - Topics related to the construction and maintenance of artificial structures and buildings
  • Transportation - Getting from one place to another in a more efficient fashion than the human body can naturally provide has guided technological progress since the invention of the wheel. Automotive and maritime applications of electrical engineering rapidly expanded in the 19th and early 20th centuries.