Encyclopedia articles are 3rd person articles neutral in tone which make up the bulk of the ETHW's content. As the scope of the ETHW includes the history of technology and its related fields, encyclopedic articles can widely vary in content. The articles can deal with biographies of individuals, histories of engineering societies, histories of certain technologies and the organizations which developed them. The ETHW aims to collect all material within its scope regardless of notability, so do not feel discouraged from contributing if you have detailed knowledge about a very specific subject or individual. The only criteria beyond fitting within engineering and its related fields of interest are that the article must be historic in nature, either by presenting a history of some subject, or the subject in question being 25 years older or more.

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STARS articles

STARS articles are signed, peer-reviewed articles on the history of major developments in electrical and computer sciences and technologies. They are written for a general audience with a level of accuracy and insight that satisfies knowledgeable professionals. Below are the current STARS articles:

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