First-Hand:My Experiences at Westinghouse

My Experiences at Westinghouse

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Submitted by John, Jr. Cerminara

The following is a brief summary of my experience with Westinghouse Corporation. It includes five years as a Project Manger of 200 KW Wind Turbine Generators on Culebra Island I(32 miles east of the main Island of Puerto Rico) in 1976, Clayton, New Mexico in 1977, Block Island, Rhode Island in 1978' and the Island of Oahu i9n Hawaii in 1980.

All the details of Wind Turbine Structures and installation are covered in my article titled Installation and Test Experience with a 200-kw Wind Turbine Generator". This article appears in Volume 41 of Proceedings of the American Power Conference 1979 Page 515 to Page 517 inclusive. Another article, which I co-authored with Naval Sea Systems Command Reserve Officer Rolf O. Kotacka, appears in the September 1990 issue of the Naval Engineers Journal , pages 32 to 36 inclusive, when I spent 5 years with the Machinery Technology Division, Electrical Systems Department as a Principal Engineer in Westinghouse Electric Corporation.

I retired as a Senior Electrical Engineer from Westinghouse Electric Corporation Savannah River Site October, 1993.