Hylon Theron Plumb

Hylon Theron Plumb
Milton, WI, USA


Hylon Theron Plumb was an electrical engineer and Fellow of the AIEE (American Institute of Electrical Engineers).

Plumb received his B.S. degree in 1896 and his M.S. in 1901, both from Milton College, and his B.E.E. also in 1901 from the University of Wisconsin where he was a member of Tau Beta Pi. He married Maude Augustine and they had four children: Helen M. Plumb, Enid M. Plumb, Mary Frances Plumb, and H. Theon Plumb. Plumb served as an instructor in chemistry at Milton College for a year before becoming a public school principal in Idaho for two years. He returned to the University of Wisconsin for two years as an instrument maker in the Physics Department. He then became an instructor at the Pratt Institute for five years and then as an associate professor at Purdue University for four.

In industry, he worked for Ry Test Communications for a year before joining the Denver office of General Electric as an assistant engineer. He later transferred to the Utah office of General Electric. In addition to serving as the first secretary of the AIEE Utah Section (formed 1917), Plumb was the president of the Utah Society of Engineers and the Chair of the Utah Engineering Council.