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James N. Riess
James N. Riess
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James N. Riess is a graduate of California State Polytechnic College, Pomona, California. He earned the B.S.E.E. in 1970. He has been working as an electrical engineer for nearly 45 years. He has worked for several Architectural/Engineering and Mechanical/Electrical Engineering firms on industrial, commercial, and institutional projects as design engineer, project engineer and discipline manager. Examples of such projects include a major oil pipeline, petrochemical plants, coal fired power generation plants, ethanol plants, office buildings, airport facilities, retail stores, primary and secondary schools, a convention center, public safety facilities, and agricultural grain storage and processing facilities. Significant overseas experience includes rural electrification projects in Brazil and the Philippines and a water pipeline project between the Jordan River and Amman, Jordan. Mr. Riess is a registered professional engineer in Minnesota and California.

Mr Riess is a Life Senior Member (LSMIEEE) of the IEEE and has been a member for 47 years. He has been an active IEEE volunteer since 1991. As a member of the Twin Cities Section, Jim has held positions including Newsletter Editor (1991-92); Executive Committee Chair (1995), Vice-Chair (1994) and Treasurer (1993); Chair of the Professional Activities Committee (1996-97), Awards & Recognition Committee (1998-2003, 2012-2014), Student Activities Committee (2000-04); and Treasurer of the Power Engineering Chapter (2008-10).

As a member of Region 4, Jim has served as Chair of the Awards & Recognition Committee (1997-99), Student Activities Committee (2000- 04), Professional Activities Committee (2005-06) and Strategic Planning Committee (2009-10). He was elected by the Region members to the position of Region 4 Director (2011-12). Jim is currently Region 4 Conferences Coordinator (2013-15).

Jim has served as a member of the IEEE-USA Awards & Recognition Committee (1997-98), Regional Activities Board (RAB) Student Activities Committee, (2006-2007), RAB Membership Development Committee (2006-07), RAB Finance Committee (2006-07), Potentials Editorial Board (2006-07), and IEEE Teller’s Committee (2007). In addition he served as RAB Vice Chair – Student Activities (2006-07).

Jim also held the position of Treasurer for the IEEE 2010 PES General Meeting (2009-10) and Conference Administrator for several Region 4 International Conferences on Electro-Information Technology (2013-15).

At the height of his IEEE career, Jim served as member of the MGA Board of Directors (2011- 12), IEEE-USA Board of Directors (2011-12), IEEE Board of Directors (2011-2012) and IEEE Assembly (2011-12).