Alfred Gray


Alfred Gray
Framington, NH, USA


Alfred R. Gray (IRE Associate, 1927; VA, 1939; Senior Member, 1956; and Fellow, 1961) was born in Framington, New Hampshire, on 12 March 1906. From 1934 to 1948 he studied courses at university extensions; from 1950 to 1960 he attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Capital Radio Engineering Institute, and the University of California, for advanced study.

In 1962, Gray was President and Chief Engineer of Astronics Reliability, Inc., and Executive Vice President and General Manager of Astronics of Florida, both in Orlando, Florida. He was an active member of the IRE Professional Group on Production Techniques; renamed Product Engineering and Production. He served as editor of this IRE professional group's "Transactions" from 1954 to 1960. In 1962, he was Chairman of the Administrative committee, and during 1960-1961, he was also Chairman of the Orlando Section of the IRE.