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1975 [?] meeting of the Association for Cooperation in Engineering, representatives, mostly presidents and executive directors, from various engineering societies presenting brief reports on their society's activities.


Side 1

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Brief reports by:

  • Sherwood Deforest, American Society of Agricultural Engineers
  • John Houston, American Institute of Industrial Engineers
  • Bill Johnson, Society of Manufacturing Engineers
  • Murray Douglas, Canadian Society of Chemical Engineers
  • Herman Munch, National Council of Engineering Examiners
  • Harold Michael, Institute of Traffic Engineers
  • Lee Harrisburger, American Society For Engineering Education
  • Warren Alberts, Engineers Joint Council
  • Carolyn Phillips, Society of Women Engineers
  • Arthur Fox, American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Ken Colder, American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • Bob Beckman, Engineers Council For Professional Development
  • Jean Salmon, Association For Computing Machinery
  • ???, American Military Engineers
  • Leslie Gates, National Society of Professional Engineers
  • Joel Alford, American Institute of Mining Engineers
  • Billy Sumner, American Consulting Engineers Council
  • ???, Society of Plastics Engineers
  • Don Niles, Society For Experimental Stress Analysis
  • ???, American Society of Safety Engineers
  • Bill Collins, American Society of Heating, Refrigering and Air Conditioning Engineers
  • Arthur Stern, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
  • George Huebner, Society of Automotive Engineers
  • Vic Wagner, Water Control Pollution Federation
  • Len Coleman, Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers
  • Paul Ramsey, American Welding Society
  • Charlie Tutt, American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Bob anderson, American Society For Non-destructive Testing
  • Bill Mcclern, Society of Fire Protection Engineers
  • Richard Allegro, National Institute of Ceramic Engineers
  • Jack Walkman, Federation of Material Societies
  • Dan Fink, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
  • ???, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

Side 2

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(AR-322 - Society and Business reports - track 1 - side 2.mp3)

Brief reports by:

  • ????, unknown shipping organisation
  • Arthur Stern, Air Pollution Control Association
  • Harry Lessig, American Society For Quality Control

Session pertaining to society elections follows for the rest of the tape