First-Hand:Walter Eldenː My Growing Up Pre-Engineer Years' History


NOTICE TO READERː This is still under construction and is not complete. NOTICE TO READER My PRE-ENGINEER History from Birth through High School (1931-1950) My history, herein, through the application of using multi-media forms of telling my history, such as Written, Audio Voice Recordings and numerous Photo and Graphic Figures, are used to tell stories which occurred in my life. Starting with early growing up, became educated, became skilled in several forms of performing music, (with the goal aimed to become a Conductor of Orchestra, Mixed Chorus and/or Band). But then, the Korean War, starting 3 weeks after graduating from High School in 1950, changed most of that, but for the better. INTRODUCTION a. I was raised in a Blue-Collar Catholic family of 6 where both my father and mother only had the first 8 years of schooling, but they emphasized religion, education, to work hard, music and to engage in school sports, where mine were basketball, track and volleyball.

ELDENS EARLY DAYS OF DAD'S RELATIVES IN THE BAHAMAS Early Eldens in the Bahamas 1900's My father, an immigrant from The Current on Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas Islands, progressed in his working life progressing from being a Chauffeur, Fence Builder, Power Company Electric Lineman to a Diesal Engine Maintenance Man for ocean ships. He told me though, that he always wanted to become a Certified Public Accountant.

Relatives of Dad From the Bahamas Dad and Grandmom and Uncle Percy Mom, her family had moved from Westwego, Louisianna, was busy raising the 4 of us.

Early Clarks of Mom from Westwego, LA Dad and Mom's Wedding Miami, FL 1926 DAD AND MOM AND OUR FAMILY

Dad and Mom

Brothers Walter, Guy, Jr and Harry, Jr with Sister Jeanette, 2001

The 4 Elden Desperados.jpg

My 6th Grade Pinewood Elementary Class (He in all White, Front Row) 1944.

b. One big event in my early life was when I was given a violin at age 11 and took formal lessons from the 6th thru the 12th grade. My 2nd violin (see figure) I earned enough money being a grocery store "bag boy" which enabled my purchasing the one in the figure which I have to this year 2022.

Walter's 2nd Violin He Played for over 70 Years 1950-2022

Walter Performed as 1st Chair Concertmaster 7-9th Grades 1944-47 Beginning in the 7th grade through the 9th grade of Junior High school, I played violin in the orchestra, sang in the Mixed Chorus, played 1st team Center on the basketball team, ran track (100 Yard Dash and 400 Yard Relays), and was elected President of the Student Council where each morning from the Principal's Office I would lead the entire Student Body recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag, over the Public Address System and officiate at Assemblies of the Student Body. I succeeded in proposing and getting approved a new Pep Song for the school, to be sung at sporting occasions.

Walter Performed as 1st Violin Chair Concertmaster, 7-9th Grades 1944-47ː

Early in the late 1940's our family became active in marching and performing in the Miami Drum and Fife Corps. My brother Guy and I played the Colonial styled drums.

Example of a 1940's Drum and Fife (both are still in original good condition).

An Original Drum and Fife from Miami Corps 1940's Era Example of a Drum and Fife Corpsː

Example of a Drum and Fife Corps

c. I decided in the 12th grade to enroll in Orchestra, Band and Chorus and that I wanted to become a High School/College Director of Music, In Orchestra, Chorus and Band.


When i was in the 7th-9th grades, my Orchestra and Mixed Chorus Music Director was Mrs. Ayres. She had herself played the violin as I did and assigned me to the 1st Chair Concertmaster position, which lasted 7th thru 9th grades. We never discussed my moving on to attend the 10th thru 12th grades at Miami Edison Senior High School.


I mention that because during my first entire week at Miami Edison there had been a mix-up in my schedule for attending classes and as a result, I missed attending Orchestra practice that entire week. When I finally walked on the stage to be seated, I met our Conductor for the first time, Fred McCall. I told him my name and all he said was, "We have been looking for you.

"Please sit here in the First Chair Concertmaster's seat". I nearly fainted.

I sat in that Chair thru the 10th, 11th and 12th grades. I attributed that to Mrs Ayres who must have advised him to expect me and that she felt I was qualified for that honor. Fred McCall completed that year at Miami Edison then moved on to become the Bandmaster of the University of Miami Hurricanes "Band of the Hour" band.

d. Finally, I believed my 12th Grade Band and orchestra Director, J Howard Reynolds, was instrumental in my being awarded that Music Scholarship to the University of Miami, a condition being that I play violin in the Orchestra.

High School Director of Band and Orchestra, J Howard Reynolds 1950 I wish to highlight Mr. Reynolds here, as he had a profound influence on the positive direction my life took, starting meeting him in the Miami Edison High School Band and Orchestra experiences, and then how his being and mannerisms shaped my philosophy about life, beginning then. Some of the characteristics he exhibited which influenced me were these, most of which I applied during my Engineering career:


High School Director of Band and Orchestra, J Howard Reynolds 1950 1. I was greatly impressed that at age 24 he had achieved marriage, a Navy Commission and tour of duty, both BS and MS degrees from LSU and Michigan, respectively, appreciation of Country music, and a home high fidelity system (first one I saw and heard; later after my tour of the Navy I built one).

2. Some years later while I was watching a football bowl game on New Years day, around 1998, at the halftime in which Iowa State's band was on the field performing, the Band Director was announced as being "J Howard Reynolds", my former 12th grade band and Orchestra Director himself. Soon after that, I made contact with him and we exchanged emails until his death.

3. He demanded excellence in our performance of music

4. He demanded that we dress well and looked good in our band uniforms

5. He was a disciplinarian, and that appealed to me

6. He was organized and projected that he knew what needed to be done and led us to achieve it

7. I loved his music conducting style. The way he used his hands and arms to bring out music effects

8. Lastly, he was a young man at the time, 24 years, dressed extremely well and look good. A leader to be proud of. Since last seeing him, back in 1950, (then I spoke with him one last time by phone around 2013, months before he passed) I can look back and see that I applied many of these traits in my engineering career work. I wonder how many other students he had a similar positive effect upon. Many I expect.




1950 MEHS CONCERT BAND THE DAY IN 1950 MY HIGH SCHOOL BAND PERFORMED “WAGNER’S “PRELUDE TO DIE MEISTERSINGER” AND WON A STATE-WIDE SUPERIOR RATING[edit | edit source] Back in 1950 when I was a Senior in High School, in Miami, I played the Bass Sousaphone (Tuba) in our band so I could be in our marching band at football games, each played in the Miami Orange Bowl on Thursday nights. In order to achieve that, I checked one of those oversized instruments out for over the summer and attended my 2nd term at the FSU Summer Music Camp. There I also sang in the Mixed Chorus and performed the Violin as the 1st Chair Concert Master in the Orchestra at the FSU Music Camp. In my Senior Year playing in the Orchestra, I continued to be honored serving as its 1st Chair Violin Concertmaster.

1950 Participation in the FSU Music Camp Orchestra, as its 1st Violin Concertmaster After learning to play the Sousaphone at FSU Music Camp, well enough, I was admitted into the marching and concert bands. We were invited and was a part of the Orange Bowl parade in Miami, later we attended and performed during the 1949-50 Orange Bowl game.

Well, fortune was with me as I was seated and marched next to a girl Trumpet player (2nd Chair Trumpet actually) player named Jane Berry. Boy did that spark up my school life. Later, getting prepared for the State Bands Competition, I got to know her better, we started dating, which led me to not concentrate on the Trigonometry class in math resulting in my failing it. But I graduated anyway. Later, in the Navy I learned how to study and concentrate from the Aviation Electronics training I received. In college even later at U of Florida, in every Math class I took, I made “A’s” and even graduated “WITH HONORS, in 3 years.

Later, again, we both made an invited band trip to perform in Havana Cuba’s Mardi Gras parade and later, at graduation, Jane was my date to the Senior Prom.

Actually, though, I fell in love with Jane then but differences in our religions; I was Catholic, and at that stage working in a Grocery Store all through high school as a Bag Boy, did not present me as the right partner for Jane. But I adjusted to that emotional downer. We each went our ways, married others, and raised our families. We reconnected some 60 years later, around 2005 and then in 2007 one of Jane’s daughters wrote me that Jane had recently died, from Leukemia. That was a great loss there for me then.

1950 STATE BAND COMPETITION PREPARATION[edit | edit source] To prepare later to compete in the State Band Competition, held that year 1950 in Miami, in addition to attending regular classes in the daytime, we voluntarily met each Wednesday evenings to rehearse for the event. Our young 24 year-old Band Director, J. Howard Reynolds, selected the “Prelude to Dei Meistersinger”, by Richard Wagner as our elected choice. Now there was a musical selection which really inspired me.

We rehearsed each Wednesday and at competition we were ready. When I write “ready” , years later (actually more than 50 years, when Jane and I met again, now as each a widow, and friends again, she related to me that one of the Competition Judges related to her that “our band’s performance of the Prelude to Die Meistersinger was the finest performance of anything her ever heard performed previously, by any high school band”.

Here I am making an exception and providing the link next to as great of performance by a Professional Orchestra, as I have ever heard. Focus on the row of Sousaphones in the back row of the band in enclosed photo (I am seated in the last chair from the photo’s right side) an at 7:20 minutes into playing listen to us featured playing the main theme repeated several time by other elements of the orchestra. I will never forget that high school band (and Jane Berry) and know now I made the tight decision to get in that band.

From that high school experience til now I rate the “Prelude to Die Meistersinger” as the greatest overture ever written and performed, with the Lone Ranger’s Radio Theme “William Tell Overture@ a 2nd.

AUDIO Link to an Orchestra Performance of the “Prelude to Die Meistersinger” Later, Mr Reynolds awarded “MOST TALENTED” Awards to Jane, playing 2nd Chair Trumpet in the Band, and I for playing 1st Chair Concert Master Violin in the “Orchestra”. We’re we each surprised.

e. Three weeks after graduating from high School, the Korean War started