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In 1953, as a way of commemorating its 50th anniversary, Eta Kappa Nu produced a career guidance film to interest high school students in engineering careers.

The 50th anniversary movie committee was formed, with Dean William L. Everitt, College of Engineering, University of Illinois, as chair. Committee members John E. Farley, Alpha '48, president of the Chicago Alumni HKN Chapter, and Roger Wilkinson of the New York Alumni HKN Chapter wrote the script. Everitt provided valuable guidance and support and enlisted the aid of the university's motion picture and television unit to product the movie "Engineering -- A Career for Tomorrow." The out-of-pocket expenses were financed by funds raised by Eta Kappa Nu. Daniel F. Hang, also a member of the committee, engineering students, and others from the Urbana-Champaign campus appeared in the film. Scenes were filmed also in the Chicago area at Illinois Bell Telephone and Commonwealth Edison.

The film was completed in 1954.