Herbert Hoover


Herbert Hoover
Herbert Hoover
West Branch, IA, USA
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John Fritz Medal


George Bailey and Herbert Hoover

Honorary Member 1929

John Fritz Medalist 1929

HERBERT Clark Hoover, famous engineer and president of the United States 1929-33, was elected to honorary membership in the Institute, June 25, 1929. During the same year, Mr. Hoover was awarded the John Fritz Medal. He received many other medals in the U.S. and other countries, and is a past-president of the American Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers and of American Engineering Council. Mr. Hoover was born at West Branch, Iowa, August 10, 1874. In 1895 he received the degree of B.A. in mining engineering from Stanford University, Calif. Subsequently he has received many honorary degrees. During the period of 1895-1913 he was engaged in professional work in mines, railways, and metallurgical work throughout the world. In 1913-14 he represented the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in Europe. During 1914-15 he was in London, England, as chairman of the American relief commission, and in 1915-19, was chairman of the commission for relief in Belgium. During the period of 1917-19 he was also U.S. Food Administrator. He also served on several war boards and councils, and was director of various economic measures in Europe during the armistice. In 1919 he also was chairman of the American relief administration engaged in children's relief in Europe. In 1921 he was appointed U.S. Secretary of Commerce by President Harding, and was reappointed by President Coolidge. Mr. Hoover has served on many commissions in the United States.