Eleanor McElwee

Eleanor McElwee
New York, NY, USA


Eleanor M. McElwee (IRE Member 1951 and IRE Senior Member 1953) was born in New York, N.Y., on 15 May 1924. She received the B.A. degree in english and mathematics from Ladycliff College, Highland Falls, N.Y., in 1944. She also took courses at the Cooper Union Evening School of Engineering School of Engineering and at the Technical Publications Center of Fordham University.

McElwee worked for the Western Electric Company, N.Y., from 1944 to 1947, as an Assistant Engineer of manufacture, and for the Sylvania Product of Development Laboratories for 1947 to 1951, first as an Engineering Analyst and then as a Technical Editor. Since 1951 until at least 1962 when her biographical entry was printed in the IRE Proceedings, IRE Fiftieth Anniversary issue (May 1962), she was an Engineer in the Commercial Engineering activity of the RCA Electron Tube Division, Harrison, N.J.

Miss McElwee had papers published in Sylvania and RCA company magazines and in various IRE publications. She also taught courses in writing and editing at RCA and at Fordham University. She was the organizer of the IRE Professional Group on Engineering Writing and Speech and served as Secretary from its inception until at least 1962. She also was a member of the IRE Professional Grounds on Education and Engineering Management.


This information was taken from her biographical entry in IRE Proceedings, Fiftieth Anniversary Issue (May 1962): 1435. McElwee was one of 180 contributors (one of two women) to the Fiftieth Anniversary issue.