The History of the Industrial Nucleonics Corporation (Columbus, Ohio USA) from 1950 to 1988. The Industrial Nucleonics Corporation based in Columbus Ohio, was the first company to successfully use radioactive isotopes [developed during WWII] for industrial applications in harsh manufacturing environments. 1950s The Industrial Nucleonics Corporation was the brainchild of Bert and Roy Chope and their friend George Foster. These three engineers started Industrial Nucleonics during April 1950, in a garage in Columbus, Ohio. Their goal was to develop, non-contact measurement devices using radioactive isotopes to very accurately measure the physical properties of industrial products. First markets were rubber tire fabric, paper, sheet plastics, sheet steel, sheet aluminum, cigarettes and other products manufactured on continuous web, sheet and rod. Industrial Nucleonics measurement systems used the trade name AccuRay. AccuRay systems quickly proved to be far more accurate and repeatable, than mechanical thickness gauges. This permitted customers to achieve significant savings in raw materials and reduce scrap materials. Most Industrial Nucleonics systems paid for its self in less than two years. RESOURCES: Industrial Nucleonics Corporation 1950s annual reports, bios of Industrial Nucleonics Corporation's founders, 1950s product documents and technical papers written by Industrial Nucleonics staff are listed at_____ 1960s As Industrial Nucleonics Corporation expanded, AccuRay non-contact measurement systems, new sensors using infrared and microwaves were added to very precisely measure additional physical properties of customer’s industrial products, instantaneously as the continuous materials were produced. This lead to the development of fully automated control systems to not only measure, but control product weight/area, thickness and moisture. Industrial Nucleonics’ online non-contact measurement systems were widely accepted in all sheet manufacturing companies. In addition to continuous process measurement, “automatic feedback control” of the manufacturing process was added. Automatic feedback control, greatly improved product quality and reduced scrap losses. Industrial Nucleonics expanded the use of radioactive isotopes to measure the level of corrosive and hot process materials in tanks, for continuous measurement of the product level of beverages of closed containers on the canning lines. In addition, measure the density of materials inside pipelines, all without contacting the process materials. RESOURCES: Industrial Nucleonics Corporation 1960s Annual Reports, 1950s Model R and Model S product documents and technical papers by Industrial Nucleonics staff, are listed at: ________Bold text______ 1970s The Industrial Nucleonics Corporation, added measurement sensors using Infra Red light to measure paper weight and moisture, X-Ray sensors for cold roll and hot roll steel thickness measurements. In 1979, the Industrial Nucleonics name was changed to AccuRay Corporation to avoid customer confusion with company and products names. AccuRay's online non-contact measurement systems converted to all digital processing for faster process control, higher product quality and raw material savings. RESOURCES: Industrial Nucleonics Corporation (AccuRay) 1970s Annual Reports, 1970s product documents, technical papers by Industrial Nucleonics are listed at ___________________ 1980s

The AccuRay Corporation developed and marketed advanced process control systems for customer's manufacturing lines.  These advanced digital control systems used “artificial indigence” to predict manufacturing process performance and make process corrections to avoid scrap products. 								

On Oct.4, 1982, USA President Reagan visited the AccuRay Corporation to present the United State’ E-STAR Award for excellence in exporting. At the end of 1985, AccuRay Corporation total income was 150 million US dollars and 1982 employees. During 1987, The Industrial Nucleonics Corporation name was changed AccuRay Corporation. This made the company name and product name the same, in order to avoid customer confusion. No personal or products changes were made after the corporation name change. In 1987, AccuRay Corporation (including AccuRay's products, intelligent property and all assets) were acquired by Combustion Engineering Corporation. Combustion Engineering Corporation continued to manufacture AccuRay products in Columbus, Ohio USA. In 1988, ABB Germany acquired Combustion Engineering and AccuRay product lines and buildings. ABB continued to market AccuRay products into the new century. RESOURCES: AccuRay Corporation 1980 to 1985 Annual Reports, 350 patents by AccuRay staff, President Reagan’s visit, and information about 1987/1988 acquisition of AccuRay Corporation by Combustion Engineering and ABB are listed at: Rev 10-30-2021