Speakers Bureau


Is your organization, chapter, section, group, division, or society looking for historical perspective? Does it need a plenary, kick-off, keynote, or after-dinner speaker? The ETHW Speakers Bureau provides an expanding list of outstanding historians on the histories of engineering and technology with relevance to ASCE, ASME, IEEE, SWE, and other technical organizations. Please contact them directly to discuss a booking.

Speaker Location(s) Historical subjects and topics Email Phone Webpage
Abbate, Janet Blacksburg, VA Women in computing, the Internet abbate@vt.edu http://www.sts.vt.edu/faculty/abbate/
Bix, Amy Sue Ames, IA Girls Coming to Tech! Women, Men, and Engineering Education in Historical Perspective; How Lionel Trains, The Easy-Bake Oven, and Engineer Barbie Promoted Technology to American Boys and Girls; United States Engineering Education, From the American Revolution to the iPhone http://www.history.iastate.edu/faculty-staff/am
Brewer, Nathan New Brunswick and Hoboken, NJ Electronic music & technologies
Carlson, Bernard Charlottesville, VA Nikola Tesla, Thinking about Invention, Business of Innovation, Role of Corporate R&D, Technology and the Environment, Revolutionary and evolutionary innovation http://history.virginia.edu/user/63
Cohn, Julie Houston, TX North American electrification, Alternating Currents: Community Responses to Long Distance Power Transmission in North America, Electricity and the City, The Grid: A Very Short History of the World's Largest Interconnected Machine jacohn@uh.edu, cohnconnor@comcast.net
Coopersmith, Jonathan College Station, TX Facsimile, standards j-coopersmith@tamu.edu http://history.tamu.edu/faculty/coopersmith.shtml
Cunningham, Joe New York, NY New York City electrification joec20@earthlink.net
Hochfelder, David Albany, NY Communications technology, Thomas Edison, Telegraphy, Electric Power, Radio dhochfelder@albany.edu http://www.albany.edu/history/faculty/david_hochfelder.shtml
Israel, Paul New Brunswick, NJ Thomas Edison, birth of industrial innovation pisrael@rutgers.edu http://edison.rutgers.edu/israel.htm
Magoun, Alexander Princeton & Hoboken, NJ Television, RCA, David Sarnoff, Marconi, Early Wireless a.b.magoun@ieee.org 732-981-3414 http://www.ieee.org/about/history_center/magoun.html
Russell, Andrew Utica, NY Internet, Internet policy, Technology standardization arussell@arussell.org http://www.arussell.org
Vinsel, Lee Blacksburg, VA Automobiles, Regulation of technology lvinsel@stevens.edu http://www.leevinsel.com
Wellerstein, Alex Hoboken, NJ Nuclear weapons, inertial confinement technology awellerstein@stevens.edu http://www.alexwellerstein.com