Hao Huang


An innovator and technical leader of aircraft electrical power technologies, Hao Hung has been a driving force in the quest for developing the “more electric aircraft” (MEA) and beyond. The goal of MEA is to replace pneumatic and hydraulic systems with electric systems for quieter, more fuel-efficient, and environmentally friendly flight. Huang’s contributions to engine and power generation integration have considerably improved the building blocks for MEA. Huang successfully developed a regenerative and sensorless generation system incorporating a starter/generator and inverter/converter/controller that was lighter than initial generation systems. His system was used to generate 1 MW of 270 Vdc power from the dual spools of a turbine engine, which was an industry first. He was also the lead consultant on a program to develop an electrical system for next-generation aircraft with “no-bleed” engines for fuel savings and reduced carbon emissions. Beyond MEA, he is also a key technology contributor and promoter of “hybrid electric propulsion” (HEP), a major logical and progressive step to electrify aircraft beyond the electrification of the systems.

An IEEE Fellow, Huang is technology chief of General Electric Aviation Electrical Power, Dayton, OH, USA.