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The mathematical, algorithmic and scientific elements of computing are included here, such as algorithm analysis, programming and graph theory.


  • Algorithm analysis - the analysis of the method and the amount of resources required to execute an algorithm
  • Automatic programming - the use of mechanisms to write aspects of computer programs so as to allow human programmers to focus on higher level abstractions
  • Concurrency control - methods to ensure that concurrent operations produce correct results efficiently
  • Formal languages - the set of words that makes up a logic language, sometimes called artificial languages
  • Logic programming - the use of mathematical logic for computer programming
  • Microprogramming - the writing of microcode, or hardware-level or circuit-level instructions involved in the implementation of higher-level instructions
  • Object oriented methods - a subroutine that defines behaviors for a particular class in object oriented programming
  • Object oriented programming - or OOP, using "objects," such as data structures or methods, to design applications and computer programs
  • Parallel processing - the ability of computers to carry out multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Performance analysis - the profiling of the performance characteristics of a computing system
  • Programming - or coding, the process of writing, designing, and maintaining the source codes of computers
  • Programming profession - individuals concerned with writing computer programs
  • Robot programming - writing computer programs to facilitate the functioning of robots

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