Marek E. Bialkowski

Marek E. Bialkowski
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Marek Bialkowski received his M.Eng.Sc degree (1974) in applied mathematics and his Ph.D. (1979) in telecommunications from the Warsaw University of Technology, and a Doctor of Engineering (2000) in computer science and electrical engineering from the University of Queensland. In 1977, Professor Bialkowski joined the Institute of Radioelectronics, Warsaw University of Technology, where he became an Assistant Professor in 1979. Marek joined UQ in 1982 as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. After assuming various positions at other universities, he returned to UQ in 1989, where he became the Head of the Microwave and Optical Communications Research Group. Marek’s research interests included smart antenna technologies, industrial and biomedical applications of microwaves, and electromagnetic modeling of radiating structures. The results of his work appear in over 600 refereed technical papers. In 2002, he was elected an IEEE Fellow for his innovative contributions to microwave guiding and radiating structures.

Marek passed away on 27 October 2011 of a respiratory infection.

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