Fred B. Schneider

Fred B. Schneider
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Fred B. Schneider’s expertise in cybersecurity places him among a handful of academics to whom the U.S. government turns for advice on cybersecurity issues. His research on fault tolerance, security, formal methods, and public policy has significantly contributed to the development of trustworthy computer systems. Dr. Schneider made important contributions to fault-tolerant distributed systems starting in the 1980s, helping both to develop the state-machine approach for building a reliable distributed system and to define the fail-stop processor abstraction. Dr. Schneider was the editor of Trust in Cyberspace (National Academy Press, 1998), a landmark treatise on cybersecurity. He has served on the U.S. Defense Science Board as well as U.S. Department of Commerce’s Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board, and he has been the co-chair of the Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Academic Advisory Board since 2003.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Schneider is currently the Samuel B. Eckert Professor of Computer Science at Cornell University.