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A 1930 photo of A World War II radio transmitter at Fort Myer - Image by The Signal Corps

The generation and recording of various signals including audio recording, digital recording and noise generators

Subcategories[edit | edit source]

  • Audio recording - the recording and storing of audio signals
  • Digital recording - the recording and storing of digital signals
  • Disk recording - or direct-to-disk recording (DDR), whereby analog or digital signals or recorded directly to an optical disc such as a CD
  • Magnetic recording - recording of a signal in the form of a magnetic pattern on a magnetic material
  • Optical recording - the recording and storing of information on surfaces that reflect light
  • Pulse generation - the creation of rectangular pulses by a device
  • Signal design - the creation of signals to maximize utility and comprehension
  • Video recording - the recording and storing of a sequence of still images representing scenes in motion


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