IEEE New Jersey Coast Section History

IEEE New Jersey Coast Section History
Established date 1965-03-20
IEEE Region 1
IEEE Council Metro Sec. Act.
Geographic region New Jersey Coast
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Brief History

The New Jersey Coast Section of the IEEE was established March 20, 1965.

Below is a list of awards to members of the New Jersey Coast Section from 1965 -1984.

Centennial Awards: John G. Nordahl, Martin V. Schneider, Robert C. Eckenfelder, A. Gardner Fox, Bruce C. Miller, Vasant K. Prabhu, Luke G. Schimpf, Robert W. Wilson, Mary N. Youssef.


New Jersey Coast Milestones

Related Milestones in other Sections

Major IEEE Award Winners from New Jersey Coast Section

IEEE Medal of Honor: Harald T. Friis, 1955; Rudolf Kompfner, 1973

IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal: Amos E. Joel, Jr., William Keister, Raymond W. Ketchledge, 1976

IEEE Edison Medal: John R. Pierce, 1963; C. Chapin Cutler, 1981

Harry Diamond Memorial Award: Marcel J. E. Golay, 1951; Harold Zhal, 1954; George Gaubau, 1957; Helmut L. Breuckman, 1961; John J. Egli, 1966; Harold Jacobs, 1973

Mervin J. Kelly Award: H. T. Friis, 1964

Morris N. Liebman Memorial Award: H. T. Friis, 1939; J. A. Pierce, 1953; Stewart E. Miller, 1972; Willard S. Boyle, 1974

IEEE David Sarnoff Award: Rudolph Kompfner, 1960; B. C. DeLoach Jr., 1975; H. E. Rowe, 1977; J. M. Manley, 1977; A. G. Fox, 1979; Tingye Li, 1979

Browder J. Thompson Memorial Prize Award: A. W. Randals, 1950; Arthur Karp, 1958

IEEE Lamme Medal: C. K. N. Patel, 1976

International Communications: E. F. O'Neill, 1971

IEEE Richard M. Emberson Award: Don Heirman, 2018

For biographies of the award winners see the further reading section below and click to open the IEEE New Jersey Coast Section Centennial Journal.

NJ Coast Section Past Chairmen and Editors
Past Chairmen Past "Scanner" Editors Dates
Don N. Heirman Pat Trischitta 1982-83
Joseph A. Keilin Mike McMahon 1981-82
Miguel A. Carrio Jseph G. Kneuer 1980-81
Joseph Chislow Don Heirman 1979-80
Sidney Marshall Nicholas LaRocca 1978-79
Ramu Ramaswamy Seungtaik 1977-78
David Haratz William Montgomery 1976-77
Victor Ransom Joseph Keilin 1975-76
Bruce C. Miller William Stirrat 1974-75
Vasant K. Prabhu J. Gielchinsky 1973-74
Seymour Krevsky Ramu Ramaswamy 1972-73
Detlef C. Gloge Salomon Lederman 1971-72
Anthony J. Kazules John A. Soboleski 1970-71
Martin V. Schneider John F. Prorok 1969-70
John J. O'Neil Bruce C. Miller 1968-69
Louis H. Enloe Warren Kesselman 1967-68
Robert Roullette Martin V. Schneider 1966-67
Herbert S. Bennett John J. O'Neil 1965-66

Herbert S. Bennett was the first NJ Coast Chairman.

Monmouth County Subsection Past Chairmen and Editors
Past Chairmen Past "Scanner" Editors Dates
David C. Hogg 1964-65
Irving Reingold/ Nathan Lipetz 1960-61
Arthur H. Ross 1956-57
George F. Senn 1955-56
William M. Goodall Carl A. Borgeson 1954-55
O. D. Perkins 1953-54
Sloan D. Robertson Archie P. King 1952-53

The first issue of the New Jersey Coast Section newsletter "Scanner" was printed on September 1950.

Archival documents

Bell Telephone Laboratories and Related History

Bell Labs Milestone plaques

Interesting Section History Relates to Bell Telephone Laboratories

Patent US1910966A

The Bell Labs Holmdel Complex was constructed between 1959 and 1962. Much of the history of the New Jersey Coast Section is integral and overlaps with the history of Bell Telephone Laboratories and that history also has a range of geographic affiliations; some of the innovations that were the lifeblood of Bell Telephone Laboratories include speech and sound, radio, radio astronomy, devices, algorithms, methods, standards, media, etc., and these many achievements contributed to the team, and as such, gave a sense of a shared accomplishment for all who worked for or with Bell Telephone Laboratories over the years. There is a great legacy and optimism about the strength of the team. Many of these achievements have been recognized by IEEE and other organizations through awards and milestones, many of which are on the IEEE History website, and will eventually be organized and linked to the New Jersey Coast Section History page, as many of these reflect achievements of IEEE Members from the Section, or engineers who lived in the geography of the Section.

An intriguing part of the history of Bell Telephone Laboratories along with the pedigree of Alexander Graham Bell himself, involves hearing and speech technologies that assist those with speech or hearing issues -- communications issues. Much of the technology was initially purposeful in the development of the Communications technologies that were a major focus of the company and the industry, and at the same time, efforts were made to provide accessible Communications to persons with issues preventing them from benefiting from general purpose Communications devices. The telephone itself further isolated people with hearing loss, which was ironic given the background of Alexander Graham Bell as a teacher of the deaf.

It is interesting to see how the engineers set out to provide accessibility in Communication to people with disabling conditions. Also, from a 21st Century perspective, it becomes very interesting to see how these technologies overlap with many other fields including but not limited to Biomedical Engineering and Robotics, which are rapidly growing fields. Although at present (April 2018) the New Jersey Coast Section does not have a Chapter of either Biomedical Engineering, nor Robotics, since those areas are experiencing growth worldwide, and since there are engineering achievements in these domains, some of the people notable in the Section and Bell Telephone Laboratories will be featured here along with their achievements so they may be considered from their historic relevance to the present time.

A Member of Bell Telephone Laboratories R. R. Riesz, also recognized by Mike Noll in his list of Significant Innovations & Discoveries (1925-1983), was very involved in innovations that demonstrate the ability of engineering to help people who had needs in order to communicate in their everyday life. One example is represented in two of his patents for Artificial Larynx: US1910966A, and US1836816A. A diagram is presented herein. One does not ordinarily think of Bell Telephone Laboratories as a Biomedical Engineering organization, yet there are many examples.

New Jersey Coast Section Events

Awards Banquet 7 June 2018

Fundamental Sources of Radiation


Great Technology Talk and Meal Series Meet and Greet Distinguished Lecturer Professor Dr Omar M. Ramahi: The Fundamental Sources of Radiation 21 April 2018

(Click link above to View Videos of the Event, discussions by attendees, and to view photo gallery of the event.)

Some attendees include:

Thomas M. Willis III

Margaret Lyons Chair WIE/EdSoc

Alex Walter Esq.

Filomena Citarella Section Treasurer, Vice Chair AP/EMC/VT

Donald Aves

Kit August Section Historian, Secretary AP/EMC/VT

Eamon Wall Esq.

Manu Malek