Helmut L. Brueckmann


Helmut L. Brueckmann
Helmut L. Brueckmann
Frankfort on Main, Germany
Associated organizations
German Reichspost, U. S. Army Signal Research and Development Laboratories
Fields of study
IEEE Harry Diamond Memorial Award


Dr. Helmut Brueckmann (SM'49-F'58) was born in Frankfort on Main, Germany, in 1906. He received the Dipl. Eng. degree in electrical engineering in 1930 from the Technical University of Berlin and the Doctor of Engineer degree in 1935 from the same university.

From 1930 to 1937 he was a scientific consultant with the Central Technical Department of the German Reichspost. Then the Research Institute of the German Reichspost was founded in 1937, he headed a section there until the end of the war.

After an interim period as Chief Transmitter Engineer of Radio Frankfort, he joined the newly organized technical institute of the broadcast stations in the western zones of Germany as head of the Broadcast Transmitter Branch.

Since 1948 Dr. Brueckmann has been a consultant with the U. S. Army Signal Research and Development Laboratories, Fort Monmouth, N.J.