Bernard C. DeLoach, Jr.


Bernard C. DeLoach, Jr.
Bernard C. DeLoach, Jr.
Birmingham, AL, USA
Associated organizations
Bell Labs
IEEE David Sarnoff Award, Stuart Ballantine Medal, IEEE Medal for Engineering Excellence


Bernard C. DeLoach, Jr. was born in Birmingham, Alabama. He received his bachelor's and master's degrees in physics from Auburn University in 1951 and 1952, respectively, and his Ph.D. in physics from Ohio State University in 1956. That same year, he joined the Radio Research Department of Bell Laboratories in Holmdel, New Jersey.

In 1973, he became the Head of the Gallium Arsenide Laser Department at Bell Laboratories in Murray Hill, NJ. DeLoach's work focused on the study of microwave filters, microwave parametric devices and solid-state microwave power sources, light emitting diodes, and the development of solid-state lasers. He published numerous technical articles and has been granted eleven patents for his inventions.

DeLoach received the IEEE Fellow Award (1972), the IEEE David Sarnoff Award (1975), the Stuart Ballantine Medal (1975) and the IEEE Medal for Engineering Excellence (1993).