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Jack H. Winters
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The individual and joint efforts of Jack H. Winters and Andreas F. Molisch have shaped multiple-antenna technology from the first smart antenna algorithms to recent contributions to 3G and 4G wireless standards. Multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) antenna technology has increased the reliability and spectral efficiency in practically all modern cellular communications systems. Dr. Winters pioneered the use of smart antennas for multipath communications with his breakthrough work in 1984. His optimal combining method is widely used in multiple-antenna receivers. In 1987, Dr. Winters was the first to demonstrate spatial multiplexing using multiple antennas in wireless systems for increased channel capacity. Working together at AT&T Laboratories-Research, in 2001 the duo developed the cooperative multipoint concept for MIMO systems to address adjacent-cell interference problems. This approach allows base stations to share information and act as a larger MIMO system that is able to suppress adjacent-cell interference, resulting in dramatically increased capacity. It has become an important research area in wireless communications and is impacting the next generation of cellular phone technology.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Winters is currently managing member of Jack Winters Communications, LLC. in Middletown, New Jersey.