IEEE Vehicular Technology Society History


Background[edit | edit source]

At the end of World War II, the then Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) was seeing an explosion of technology in the form of radio, radar, television and more. Members were being encouraged by IRE to form professional groups around each of these various technologies.

One such group formed in Detroit in 1949, the Professional Group on Vehicular Communications (PGVC), headed by James Evans of the Michigan State Police. All of the original members were involved with 2-way radio, or what is termed Land Mobile Radio Services. One of the members was from the Chrysler Corporation and involved with radio installed in vehicles. Thus, the term "vehicular" was included in the group's name.

In 1963, the IRE and the AIEE merged to become the IEEE. The PGVC then went through a series of name changes before becoming the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (VTS) in 1978.

The VTS remained small, having on the order of 2,000 members in the 1950 - 1983 era. But land mobile began to change as transistors replaced vacuum tubes, and it became possible to have a land mobile radio that did not need to be installed in a vehicle. The advent of cellular radio changed the picture radically. The public could enjoy the advantages of "wireless" telephones. From cellular radio's start in late 1983, membership has grown to over 5,500 today.

The advent of electric and hybrid motor vehicle developments from year 2000 onwards has seen additional interest in the Society, even though electric powered vehicles were being mooted around the same time that combustion engine vehicles were still being prototyped.

Group Development Calendar[edit | edit source]

  • April 5, 1949 - IRE Professional Group on Vehicular and Railroad Radio Communications
  • July 12, 1950 - IRE Professional Group on Vehicular Communications
  • March 25, 1963 - Professional Technical Group on Vehicular Communications
  • June, 1964 - IEEE Vehicular Communications Group
  • November, 1966 - IEEE Vehicular Group
  • December, 1967 - IEEE Vehicular Technology Group
  • January 1, 1978 - IEEE Vehicular Technology Society
  • August 1985 – Field of Interest revision (TAB)

According to Evans, "Birth & Growth of VTS," IEEE T-VT, vol. VT-30, no 4, Nov. 1981.

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