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  1. IEEE Tunisia Section History
  2. IEEE Aguascalientes Section History
  3. IEEE Akron Section History
  4. IEEE Alabama Section History
  5. IEEE Alamogordo-Holloman Section History
  6. IEEE Alaska Section History
  7. IEEE Albuquerque Section History
  8. IEEE Algeria Section History
  9. IEEE Argentina Section History
  10. IEEE Arkansas Section History
  11. IEEE Arkansas River Valley Section History
  12. IEEE Arrowhead Section History
  13. IEEE Atlanta Section History
  14. IEEE Australian Capital Territory Section History
  15. IEEE Austria Section History
  16. IEEE Northeast Brazil Section History
  17. IEEE Bahrain Section History
  18. IEEE Baltimore Section History
  19. IEEE Bangalore Section History
  20. IEEE Bangladesh Section History
  21. IEEE Baton Rouge Section History
  22. IEEE Beaumont Section History
  23. IEEE Beijing Section History
  24. IEEE Belarus Section History
  25. IEEE Benelux Section History
  26. IEEE Berkshire Section History
  27. IEEE Binghamton Section History
  28. IEEE Boise Section History
  29. IEEE Bolivia Section History
  30. IEEE Bombay (Mumbai) Section History
  31. IEEE Bosnia and Herzegovina Section History
  32. IEEE Boston Section History
  33. IEEE Broward Section History
  34. IEEE Buenaventura Section History
  35. IEEE Buffalo Section History
  36. IEEE Bulgaria Section History
  37. IEEE Busan Section History
  38. IEEE Calumet Section History
  39. IEEE Canadian Atlantic Section History
  40. IEEE Canaveral Section History
  41. IEEE Cedar Rapids Section History
  42. IEEE Central Coast Section History
  43. IEEE Central Georgia Section History
  44. IEEE Central Illinois Section History
  45. IEEE Central Indiana Section History
  46. IEEE Central Iowa Section History
  47. IEEE Central Montana Section History
  48. IEEE Central North Carolina Section History
  49. IEEE Central Pennsylvania Section History
  50. IEEE Central Savannah River Section History
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  1. IEEE Afghanistan Subsection History
  2. IEEE Ananthapuramu Subsection History
  3. IEEE Bahawalpur Subsection History
  4. IEEE Bhubaneswar Subsection History
  5. IEEE Bhutan Subsection History
  6. IEEE Brunei Darussalam Subsection History
  7. IEEE Burkina Faso Subsection History
  8. IEEE Cambodia Subsection History
  9. IEEE Chandigarh Subsection
  10. IEEE Chongqing Subsection History
  11. IEEE Faisalabad Subsection History
  12. IEEE Fiji Subsection History
  13. IEEE Guntur Subsection
  14. IEEE Guwahati Subsection History
  15. IEEE Hefei Subsection History
  16. IEEE Honam Subsection
  17. IEEE Alexandria Subsection History
  18. IEEE Annapolis Subsection History
  19. IEEE Black Hills Subsection History
  20. IEEE Botswana Subsection History
  21. IEEE Cordoba Subsection History
  22. IEEE Coulee Subsection History
  23. IEEE Dominican Republic Subsection History
  24. IEEE Fairbanks Subsection History
  25. IEEE Fox Valley Subsection
  26. IEEE Freeport Subsection History
  27. IEEE Guerrero Subsection History
  28. IEEE Hidalgo Subsection History
  29. IEEE Libya Subsection History
  30. IEEE Litoral Subsection History
  31. IEEE Lower Cape Fear Subsection History
  32. IEEE Medellin Subsection History
  33. IEEE Monterey Bay Subsection History
  34. IEEE Montgomery Subsection History
  35. IEEE Northern British Columbia Subsection History
  36. IEEE Northwestern Chicago Subsection History
  37. IEEE Okanagan Subsection History
  38. IEEE Palestine Subsection History
  39. IEEE Rio Grande Valley Subsection History
  40. IEEE Rolla Subsection History
  41. IEEE Sudan Subsection History
  42. IEEE Suroccidente Subsection History
  43. IEEE Tanzania Subsection History
  44. IEEE Tappan Zee Subsection History
  45. IEEE Upper Monongahela Subsection History
  46. IEEE Zona Centro Subsection History
  47. IEEE Kazakhstan Subsection History
  48. IEEE Kochi Subsection History
  49. IEEE Kuala Lumpur Subsection History
  50. IEEE Laos Subsection History
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HISTELCON (HISTory of ELectro-technology CONference) refers to a series of historical symposia sponsored by IEEE Region 8 that aims to to serve as catalyst for exchange of ideas on engineering and technology history within Region 8 (though from a broader global perspective) from different technological fields. Participants with different backgrounds – engineers, historians, researchers in Science, Technology and Society, Museum curators etc. are brought together in order to help in creating a network between researchers and practitioners from academia and industry. The IEEE History Center and IEEE History Committee have usually served as technical cosponsors.

Thanks to the efforts of Anthony Davies, IEEE Region 8 Past Director and Histelcon 2019 chair, papers from the conference proceedings have been made available through the links below for open-access viewing on IEEE Xplore.


2008 in Paris:  "History of Telecommunications"(11 - 12 September)





IEEE HISTELCON 2017, August 7 (Mon) - 8 (Tue), 2017, University of Hyogo, Kobe Campus for Information Science, Kobe, Japan


Glasgow, Scotland - Milestones in Technology History, September 18-19, 2019, Technology and Innovation Centre, Strathclyde University


Moscow, Russia - How computer technologies and telecommunication change society and economy, August 18-20, 2021