IEEE Canaveral Section History

IEEE Canaveral Section History
Established date 1952-05-05
IEEE Region 3
IEEE Council Florida
Geographic region Canaveral
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The Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) established its Canaveral Section in September, 1952. The American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) also existed in the local area, the Central Florida chapter having been formed in 1960. Several student members from each organization became leaders in the IEEE Canaveral Section later in their careers.

July 1950. The first rocket launch from Cape Canaveral

The Canaveral Section, originally formed during the merger of the Institute of Radio Engineers and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers in 1962 to form IEEE, has influenced and been influenced by the large number of electrical, electronics, and computer engineering efforts since the origin of the Space Coast. This influence was judged sufficient to be awarded an IEEE Electronic Technology in Space Rocket Launches, 1950-1969 Milestone, a worldwide historical designation. The dedication took place at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex Debus Center on May 25, 2001.


Canaveral's members have been known to be instrumental in the space program, as well as generating world-class research and development in areas such photovoltaic (solar) cells. Members have been intricately involved in international standards development and the invention of the Cochlear implant, in addition to day-to-day efforts in areas as diverse as power engineering, lightning protection, telemetry, and software development. Section influence has also extended to governmental contracting policy regarding the status and security of engineering professionals. IEEE Canaveral was a founding member organization of the Canaveral Council of Technical Societies (CCTS), which has also become an organization of influence.


The Section has even spun off a second section, the Melbourne Section, as of December 1, 1984. Canaveral's Engineering Management Society Chapter was formed November 1, 1967. The Computer Society Chapter was established April 17, 1969. This chapter now includes an Aerospace and Electronics Systems Society Chapter, yielding a joint AESS/COMP Chapter on January 17, 2002. The Life Member Chapter (joint with Melbourne) was established in May 2001.


IRE Section Chairmen (Predecessor of the current Canaveral section)

1952-1953 H. W. Mehrling, 1953-1954 Arthur R. Beach, 1954-1955 Homer R. Denius, 1955-1956 Hans Scharla-Nielsen, 1956-1957 K. A. West, 1957-1958 G. F. Anderson, 1958-1959 G. F. Anderson, 1959-1960 J. W. Downs, 1960-1961 W. S. Hines, 1961-1962 Clifford E. Mattox, 1962-1963 W. J. Haberhern, Jr.

IEEE Canaveral Section chairmen

1963-1964 Robert E. Marquand;, 1964-1965 Philander H. Betts; 1965-1966 Furman J. Clark; 1966-1967 Lavrergne E. Williams; 1967-1968 Harold L. Flowers; 1968-1969 Gunther Karger & Richard K. Snelling; 1969-1970 Dr. Harry P. Weber; 1970-1971 Carmen J. Palermo; 1972-1973 Arthur N. Greene; 1973-1974 Walter Nunn; 1974-1975 West H. Armistead, Jr.; 1975-1976 William E. Mclnnis; 1976-1977 Ronald J. Wojtasinski; 1977-1978 Harold G. Williamson; 1978-1979 Frank H. Palmer; 1979-1981 Horst A. Poehler (2 terms); 1981-1982 Ronald S. Waters; 1982-1983 Junho Choi; 1983-1984 Floyd W. Blum; 1984-1985 Arthur C. Grunenfelder; 1985-1986 John E. Kassak; 1986-1987 King W. Osborne; 1987-1988 King W. Osborne; 1988-1989 Wilson R. Dietz; 1989-1990 William S. Byers; 1990-1991 William S. Byers; 1991-1992 Floyd W. Blum; 1992-1993 Leon R. Migdalski; 1993-1994 James M. Shaver; 1994-1995 James M. Shaver; 1995-1996 G. Ali Shaykhian; 1996-1997 Wayne L. Rendla; 1997-1998 Stanley O. Starr; 1998-1999 Bahman S. Motlagh; 1999-2000 Robert L. Morrison; 2001-2003 Kathryn J. Rinehart; 2004 Leon R. Migdalsk; 2005-2011 Charles H. Chapman; 2012-2016 Nancy Mate; 2017 Macaulay Osaisai.

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