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IEEE Cedar Rapids Section History
Established date 1944-11-01
IEEE Region 4
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Geographic region Cedar Rapids
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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Cedar Rapids Section
History of Service to Its Members

By C. Kintzel, Cedar Rapids Section Historian
February 2002

The Cedar Rapids Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) was formed in 1963 when the parent organizations of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) and the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) merged. Prior to that, the Cedar Rapids Section of IRE was formed in 1944 and the Cedar Valley Subsection of the Davenport Section of AIEE, initially the Subsection of the Des Moines Section, was formed in 1956. Ted Hunter (deceased) spearheaded the formation of the IRE Section and C. Robert White spearheaded the formation of the AIEE Subsection.

The two previous entities have melded together very well to provide service to their members and to the community. Service to members has included:

  • Reduced fees at monthly dinner/luncheon meetings that feature state-of-the-art talks or plant/education tours
  • Member’s trips to national workshops
  • Annual fall conferences
  • Annual spring conferences

Service to the community has included annual scholarships to an engineering student at the University of Iowa and at Iowa State University and generous contributions to the Cedar Rapids Science Station and its I-Max Theater.

The first fall conference under the leadership of Ted Hunter had as its theme “Communications” and was successfully held in 1952 by the IRE Section. Currently, this event name is called the Midwest Solutions Conference. The 2003 conference is 50th to be held, heralding a long list of technically and financially successful conferences.

The first of the annual professional development conferences called ProCon was held in 1998 under the leadership of Hal Dendurent. Each has been a success. It is an excellent ‘continuing education’ experience.

Many members taking advantage of the above listed services have in the past enhanced their technical and professional growth. But not to be overlooked are additional Section opportunities to promote young engineering careers. Those are to serve on the section Executive Board and/or serve on the committees of each of the conferences. The IEEE files stored at the History Center of Cedar Rapids contain many examples of the steady growth in the work place and in member grade and in appointment or election to Institute Region and National Office for those active at the Section level.

The Cedar Rapids Section meet monthly at the: Da Vinci Room in Old K's Merchandise Building...RCI Building 193 at Rockwell Collins.
Social 5:15 to 5:30 Refreshments
Meetings start at 17:30.


The IEEE Communications Society Chapter was established in May 2010.

The IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society Chapter was established in February 2014


2011 Section Chair Vickie Ozburn
Vice Chair Robert Bruckman (Bob)
Immediate Past Chair Shana E. Fliginger
Secretary Himanshu Rawell (Him)
Treasurer Bob Dawson
Section Advisor Gary D Bishop
PACE Bob Dawson
ProCon Vickie Ozburn
Awards Tim Schoenfelder
Programs Tim Schoenfelder
Life Member Bob Dawson
Membership Dev Chair Murray T. Marple
Membership Development Jose J. Donate
Membership Development Faraz H. Khan
GOLD Co-Chair Ben Loeschke
GOLD Co-Chair Shana E. Fliginger
Nomination & Appointments Shana E. Fliginger
Education Mike Wilson
Historian Carl Kintzel
Government Activities Burt Loupee
Computer Society Chapter Leon Tabak
MTT Society Chapter Chair Manas Roy
MTT Society Chapter Richard A. Percifield Jr.
ComSoc Chapter Ben Loeschke
WIE Shana E. Fliginger
Web Chair Jeff Kaminski
Web Joe Clark
Communications (Corona) Himanshu Rawell (Him)
Photographer Robert Bruckman (Bob)
Student Activities Jim Trepka
UNI Branch Counselor Jin Zhu
UNI Branch Counselor Hong (Jeffrey) Nie
UNI Branch Advisor David J. Burger
U Iowa Branch Counselor Anton Kruger
Pre-College/K12 Chair John Nirschl
Pre-College/K12 Mike Wilson

Cedar Rapids Section Officers
Year Chair Vice chair Secretary Treasurer
2000 Janet Drake Gary Bishop Christopher Douglas James Sliney
2001 Janet Drake Gary Bishop Christopher Douglas James Sliney
2002 Gary Bishop James Sliney Christopher Douglas James Sliney
2003 James Sliney Christopher Douglas / Morris Rosen Victoria Fosmo Robert Dawson
2004 James Sliney Morris Rosen Steven Aab Robert Dawson
2005 Morris Rosen / Leon Tabak Leon Tabak Steven Aab Robert Dawson
2006 Leon Tabak Steven Aab Robert Dawson
2007 Leon Tabak F. Ayhan Sakarya G Buroker Robert Dawson
2008 F. Ayhan Sakarya Timothy Schoenfelder Shana Fliginger Robert Dawson
2009 Timothy Schoenfelder Shana Fliginger Robert Bruckman Steve Collins / Vickie Ozburn
2010 Shana Fliginger Vickie Ozburn Himanshu Rawell Robert Dawson
2011 Vickie Ozburn Robert Bruckman Himanshu Rawell Robert Dawson
2012 Robert Bruckman Manas Roy Himanshu Rawell Robert Dawson
2013 Robert Bruckman Gary Bishop Himanshu Rawell Robert Dawson
2014 Gary Bishop Raman Aravamudhan Ashley Hochstedler Robert Dawson
2015 Raman Aravamudhan Ashley Hochstedler Alexander Truman Robert Dawson
2016 Ashley Hochstedler Alexander Truman Meredith Godar Megan Sharp
2017 Meredith Godar Alexander Truman Eric George / Matthew Nowick Bruce Lindholm
2018 Matthew Nowick Daniel Roesler Meredith Godar Bruce Lindholm
2019 Daniel Roesler William Caldwell Meredith Godar Bruce Lindholm
2020 William Caldwell Manas Roy Meredith Godar Bruce Lindholm
2021 Manas Roy Michael Armatys Meredith Godar Bruce Lindholm

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