IEEE Arkansas Section History


IEEE Arkansas Section History
Established date 1947-04-23
IEEE Region 5
IEEE Council
Geographic region Arkansas
Region area East
Principal cities Little Rock, AK
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Arkansas Historical Notes

The American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) was founded on 13 May 1884 in New York and quickly gained recognition as a representative for American electrical engineers. In 1912, the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) was formed from two largely local organizations, the ‘Society of Wireless and Telegraph Engineers’ and the ‘Wireless Institute.’

The AIEE Arkansas Section was established in 1947 (exact date not known); the IRE Little Rock Section was established on 12 February 1952; the IEEE Arkansas Section was formed by the merger of the two Societies in 1963.

The first chairman of the Arkansas AIEE was J.H. Tole and the society promoted a different chairman for each year until the merger. G.H. Scott was the first chairmen of the local branch of the IRE. The first year of the merger saw dual leadership, with C.E. Hallman representing the AIEE and A.E. McDonald representing the IRE.

Currently, Arkansas is part of Region 5, in the IEEE organizational structure. Additionally, Arkansas has an area specific website that includes information about meeting times, officers, and newsletter.

Officer List


Arkansas Section Officers, 2001-2021
Year Chair Vice chair Secretary/Treasurer
2001 Glenn Dorsey Brian Howard Janik Perdue
2002 Brian Howard Janik Perdue Brent Carr
2003 Janik Perdue Brent Carr Harvey Scribner
2004 Brent Carr Harvey Scribner Anthony Galli
2005 Harvey Scribner Anthony Galli Jonathan Foster
2006 Muhammad Shah Mark Thomas Chris Baker
2007 Muhammad Shah Chris Baker Chris Baker
2008 Chris Baker Benjamin Starcher Dan Hazelwood
2009 Douglas Bowman Dan Hazelwood James Lyle
2010 Douglas Bowman James Lyle Wilmer Upton Jr
2011 James Lyle Wilmer Upton Jr
2012 Wilmer Upton Jr Muhammad Shah
2013 Wilmer Upton Jr Seth Collier Muhammad Shah
2014 Wilmer Upton Jr Seth Collier Muhammad Shah
2015 Gregory Sorenson Harvey Scribner
2016 Gregory Sorenson Rohinton Richard Thomas Burns
2017 Rohinton Richard Egide Murisa Jon-Michael Conrad
2018 Thomas Burns Egide Murisa Jon-Michael Conrad
2019 Thomas Burns Jason Terhune
2020 Ryan Hicks Jason Terhune
2021 Gregory Sorenson Jason Terhune
Year IEEE Chairman Vice Chairman
1974-1975 W.G. Hinson R.E. Brown
1973-1974 J.H. Brewer W.G. Hinson
1972-1973 S.H. Grimmett J.H. Brewer
1971-1972 C.F. Cole S.H. Grimmett, Jr.
1970-1971 J.F. Malone ---
1969-1970 E.E. Thompson J.F. Malone
1968-1969 L.H. Fish E.E Thompson
1967-1968 R.E. Russell, Jr. L.H. Fish
1966-1967 A.E. Ray R.E. Russell, Jr.
1965-1966 R.W. Newby, Jr. A.E. Ray
1964-1965 S.L. Berg R.W. Newby
1963-1964 R.W. Toler, Jr. S.L. Berg
1962-1963 C.E. Hallman (AIEE)

A.E. McDonald (IRE)


Year AIEE Chairman Secretary
1961-1962 W.E. Shaffer R.W. Toler, Jr.
1960-1961 H.H. Davenport C.E.Hallman
1959-1960 K.J. Poole H.H Davenport
1958-1959 M.M. Riggs H.R. Rowe
1957-1958 H.J. Owen K.J. Poole
1956-1957 R.H. Boyd M.M. Riggs
1955-1956 K.C. Johnson H.J. Owen
1954-1955 D.A. Schmand R.H. Boyd
1953-1954 W.A. Bost D.A. Schmand
1952-1953 C.E.Hutchinson W.M. Appell
1951-1952 R.J. Rhinehart W.A. Bost
1950-1951 M.E. Crippen C.E. Hutchinson
1949-1950 W.A. Lewis, Jr. M.E. Crippen
1948-1949 H.W. Claybaugh T.B. Lewis
1947-1948 J.H. Tole H.W. Claybaugh


IRE Chairman Secretary
R.V. Anders W.C. Allsopp
R.W. Raible L.H. Hardy
V. J. Dillaplain R.V. Anders
J.D. Reid E.E. Cordrey
D.L. Winn F.J. Wilson
D.L. Winn Jim Spilman
J.E. Wylie Jim Spilman
Raymond Beem D.L. Winn
W.F. Stewart V.L. Dillaplain
G.H. Scott V.L. Dillaplain