IEEE Central Iowa Section History

IEEE Central Iowa Section History
Established date 1929-06-29
IEEE Region 4
IEEE Council
Geographic region Central Iowa
Region area
Principal cities
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AIEE Central Iowa Section Officers

Year Chair Secretary
1929 C.L. Sampson J.K. McNeely
1930 J.K. NcNeely H.B. Hoffhaus
1931 H.B. Hoffhaus E.W. Schilling
1932 L.F. Wood B.S. Willis
1933 E.R. McKee C.R. Poe
1934 B.S. Willis H.H. Brown
1935 E.B. Kurtz F.H. McClain
1936 F.H. McClain R.R. Whipple
1937 O.A. Brown G. Charlesworth
1938 George Charlesworth H.W. Anderson
1940 H.H. Brown G.R. Cocoran
1941 K.R. Brown L.A. Ware
1942 L.A. Ware W.B. Boast
1943 W.B. Boast E.B. Fowler
1944 E.B. Fowler H.R. Reed
1945 John A. Green Wallace L. Cassell
1946 Richard F. Castner Wilton R. Abbott
1947 W.L. Cassell John V. Gebuhr
1948 John V. Gebuhr John H. O'Day
1949 T.W. Schroeder F.E. Keith
1950 F.E. Keith A.V. Donnelly
1951 J.E. Lagerstrom F.E. Baird
1952 F.E. Baird C.C. Doerrie
1954 G.A. Richardson F.L. Schlenker
1956 R.F. Schlenker O.A. Tennant
1957 R.C. Ringstrand P.M. Anderson
1958 Otto Tennant
1959 P.M. Anderson C.B. Fellmann
1960-1962 B.T. Moore A.J. Bonestroo

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