IEEE Arrowhead Section History


IEEE Arrowhead Section History
Established date 1947-04-23
IEEE Region 4
IEEE Council
Geographic region Arrowhead
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Arrowhead Section Officers

Year Chair Vice-Chair Secretary Treasurer
1947 F.S. Hird J.F. Johnson
1948 R.L. Boisen J.F. Johnson
1949 P.A. Beckjord Roy B. Wiprud
1950 Jennings Johnson Harvey Sargent
1951 Roy B. Wiprud T.W. Holmes
1952 C.C. Boswell T.W. Holmes
1953 H.C. Sargent V.M. Sovick
1954 H.A. Ruth L.N. Day
1955 V.M. Sovick J.E. Abramson
1956 L.N. Day P.L. Bush
1957 J.E. Abramson Melvin G. Alderink
1958 Paul L. Bush Parker Lowell
1959 M.G. Alderink H. Ledyard
1960-1961 P. Lowell C. Semrad
1962 C.J. Semrad G.B. Pyles
1996 M. S. Christensen J. D. Hoyum
2005 K. M. Manz
2006 B. Howell
2007-2009 B. Howell W. Schwalbe
2010-2012 B. Howell W Shields W. Schwalbe
2013-2015 T. R. Larson W. Schwalbe B. Howell B. Howell
2015-2017 T. R. Larson N. Johnson B. Howell B. Howell
2018 N. Johnson B. Schminski E. Clement J. Guck
2019- N. Johnson B. Schminski E. Clement K. Rasley

Student Chapters

The Arrowhead Section has two student chapters:

  • The University of Minnesota Duluth (Duluth, MN)
  • Iron Range Engineering (Virginia, MN)

Affinity Groups

  • Power & Energy Society Chapter was formed October 22nd, 1996 as a Power Engineering Society group. M. S. Christensen (Section Chair at the time) filed the petition October 7th, 1996. There were seventeen signatures on the petition. The organizer of the chapter was K. J. Voss.
  • Young Professionals was formed December 12th, 2005 as a GOLD (Graduates Of the Last Decade) group. K. M. Manz (Section Chair at the time) filed the petition December 9th, 2005. There were seven signatures on the petition. The organizer of group was K. M. Manz.
  • Women In Engineering was formed April 20, 2018.

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