IEEE Bombay (Mumbai) Section History

IEEE Bombay (Mumbai) Section History
Established date 1976-07-13
IEEE Region 10
IEEE Council India
Geographic region Bombay
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IEEE India section started in early seventies though preparations started much earlier, and Mr. F. C. Kohli was its first Chairman.

In 1976, three sections were formed of which Bombay was one, other two, were Bangalore and Delhi sections and India section was renamed to India-Council. Mr T V Balan of ACC was its first Chairman. Mr. D. N. Purandare was first Vice Chairman, Prof. A. A. Kulkarni, Secretary, Mr. Hiloowala Treasurer, Mr. H.S. Sonawala, Mr. K. J. Sheth, Mr. P. R. Bapat, Mr. Mukesh Gidwani, Dr. K. Shankar, Prof. D. M. Shah, Prof. M. V. Pitke and a few others were members of Executive Committee. They met mostly at Mr. T. V. Balan's office. Mr. Balan was succeeded by Mr D. N. Purandare (1979-81 - three-years). Mr. H. S. Sonawala, Mr. P.R. Bapat, Mr. K. J. Sheth, Mr. C. G. Ravi, Mr. K. S. Sonawala, Prof. S. C. Sahasrabudhe looked after Bombay Section successively. Presently, Mr Q. Bakir is the Chairman.

In 1976/77 Bombay Section conducted largest number of technical programs among all sections of IEEE. Further, every year, they were holding some technical conference running for two days or more. That is continuing even to this day. Further IEEE always co-sponsored several technical programmes with other professional bodies, whenever, they were held in and around Bombay.

Students activities were foremost with section Executive Committee member. IEEE students branch started first at IIT Bombay and has expanded to several colleges. To augment, their regular laboratory work, they have started Hobby Club at Father Agnel's College recently, where any student of any college can work to build/test any electronic circuits, simulate them on PC etc. A reasonable laboratory has been provided that they are keen on expansion of these activities. Every year, they conduct students paper contests and whenever possible student model contests as well. A few of them are sent even for Regional student paper contest. Some of our students have even won several prizes at the Regional level as well (one of them has won first prize among all sections for region 10). Few of our counsellors have also won best councellor award. Some students branches have also won the prestigious Vincent Benedict award. Among important activities of the section, Bombay section conducted first ever workshop on Microprocessor and its application wayback in 1977 when anyone in our country had hardly heard of the word Microprocessor. Prof. Insyng Lee of Digital, USA conducted the workshop and its impact is felt all over even now. Subsequently in a systematic way Dr. William Eclears conducted Eight bit Microprocessor and other Microprocessor workshops as well. Several workshops were conducted during all these years on many current topics with an average of more than one per year since 1976.

Until recently, every alternate year, Bombay section would host Annual Convention and Exhibition of IEEE, India Council, bringing our best products in the country and also best quality papers presented at the convention. It was received remarkably by the public.

Bombay Section also started Regional Section Chairman Conference in 1977. Further Systems Man and Cybermatics conference of IEEE was held primarily at Bombay 1984. This was the first conference of IEEE held in India. Later in 1989 we hosted Tencon 89 regional conference of Region 10. This included very large exhibition. This attracted largest number of delegates. Such activities are increasing year by year.

Last year a major International Conference on Personal Wireless Communication was held in Bombay from December 17-19, 1997. About 150 experts from all over the world attended this conference and presented their papers. IEEE Bombay Section has their Bye-laws approved by the general body in 1993 within the framework of IEEE constitution. 


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