Aerosol Particle Analyzer, being displayed by Theresa Thibodeau of the NASA Instrumentation Laboratory

Topics relating to devices used for measurement, such as oscilloscopes and probes


  • Computerized instrumentation - the use of computers to control, regulate, and measure systems
  • Coordinate measuring machines - or CMM, a device for measuring the physical geometric characteristics of an object
  • Electric variables - the signals of electric systems that can be controlled or measured for performance
  • Monitoring - the continuous examination of electrical systems to ensure stability and operation
  • Oscilloscopes - also known as O-scopes, an electronic test instrument that measures varying signal voltage
  • Potentiometers - also known informally as a pot, a three terminal transistor with a sliding contact that forms a an adjustable voltage divider
  • Pressure gauges - a device used to measure pressure and vacuum
  • Probes - an instrument used for exploring or examining an object or body
  • Telescopes - an instrument that aids in the examination of distant objects by collecting electromagnetic radiation
  • Theodolites - an instrument for measuring angles in a horizontal or vertical plane
  • Vibrometers - an instrument that measures vibrations of objects
  • Voltmeters - a device for measuring the electric potential difference between two points in an electric circuit
  • Watthour meters - a electrical meter that measures the use of electric power in watt-hours
  • Wattmeters - a device for measuring the electrical power of any given circuit

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