F. L. J. Sangster


F. L. J. Sangster
F. L. J. Sangster
Jakarta, Indonesia
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F. L. J. Sangster was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. on July 31, 1935. He received the diploma in electrical engineering from the Academy of Technical Sciences, in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. in 1960.

Mr. Sangster joined the Research Laboratories of N. V. Philips' Gloeilampenfabrieken in 1960 and he is currently a member of the technical staff of the research department on electronic instrumentation. This department is engaged in fundamental aspects of analogue electronic circuitry, electro acoustics, medical electronics and computerized instrumentation. Sangster's personal activities were in the field of magnetic recording, pressure sensitive transducers, low noise input circuits and basic investigation in circuits composed of reactances and switches.

The latter work brought him to the concept of the bucket brigade delay line which was suitable for the application of LSI techniques. This was the start of the still growing worldwide activity on what is now called change transfer devices. Proposals for scan conversion, time correction, image sensing, variable delay arose from this study in cooperation with Dr. K. Teer in the years 1964-1968. Mr. Sangster invented many derivatives of his basic circuit for a variety of applications. Together with i.e. specialists of the Philips' Laboratories he designed and proved experimentally the feasibility of the various electronic functions of these devices.

In 1972. Mr. Sangster, a Senior Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, received a Dutch national award which is given for outstanding contributions in the field of information transmission-the Anton Veder Gold Medal. He has written 9 articles and has 20 patents granted or pending. In addition. he has presented papers on bucket brigade charge transfer devices at the International Solid-State Circuits Conference, Philadelphia, in 1970 and 1972, at the EUROCON Conference. Lausanne. in 1971, and at the International Conference on Solid-State Devices. Tokyo, in 1973.

Mr. Sangster is married and is devoted to his family. He has five daughters, the two youngest are twins. His hobbies are language study, presently Japanese, sports and chess. He is highly interested in science fiction literature.