Ian Hunter



Having spent much of his childhood designing and building various machines and measurement instruments in a home electronics shop and chemistry laboratory, Ian Hunter’s passion is the creation of new instruments and measurement techniques at the micro scale that benefit society. He and his students have developed many novel instruments and devices including confocal laser microscopes, scanning tunneling electron microscopes, miniature mass spectrometers, new forms of Raman spectroscopy, needle-free drug delivery technologies, microsurgical robots, robotic endoscopes, high-performance Lorentz-force motors, and microarray technologies for massively parallel chemical and biological measurements. He has founded or cofounded over 30 companies, many of which feature technologies incorporating the novel use of nonlinear system identification techniques both in conducting measurements and in the control of their instrumentation systems.

An IEEE Life Member, Hunter is the Hatsopoulos Professor in Thermodynamics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA.