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Topics dealing with networking, such as IP networks, multicasting and WAN.


  • Ad hoc networks - networks in which each node participates in routing data by sending it to other nodes
  • Computer network management- the management of computer hardware and software to ensure network reliability and performance
  • IP networks - a network that relies on the standard Internet Protocol
  • Intranets - a computer network that uses internet protocol technology to securely share information inside an organization
  • Intserv networks - or integrated services networks, where an architecture attempts to guarantee quality of service on the network
  • Multiprocessor interconnection networks - a network that connects microprocessors to allow them to work in tandem
  • Network servers - computers or computer applications that perform tasks requested by "client" computers across a network
  • Wide area networks - or WAN, any telecommunications network that covers a broad area, such as across metropolitan boundaries

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