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Casimer DeCusatis
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Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer Award, EDN Innovator of the Year Award, IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award


Dr. Casimer DeCusatis’ work in fiber optic technologies and data communications has had a tremendous impact on computer networking technology. His work with dense wavelength division multiplexing includes an interface for the IBM Parallel Sysplex mainframe computer architecture. The Parallel Sysplex allows the union of multiple processors and data storage over long distances, reducing annual leased optical fiber costs by US$1 to US$7 million each year. He is recognized as an IBM Master Inventor, with 35 patents and 14 patents pending in areas of optical technology and data storage.

An IEEE member, he has written more than 100 technical papers and numerous book chapters, and has written or edited six books, including the Handbook of Fiber Optic Data Communication. A Senior Engineer at IBM, Dr. DeCusatis’ many honors include the IEEE/Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Young Electrical Engineer Award, the EDN Innovator of the Year Award and the IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award.