Muriel Médard



A giant in the communications and computer networking fields, Muriel Médard has made long-lasting contributions to network coding and wired, wireless, and optical communications, helping to bolster performance, reliability, and security in these areas. Her work on an algebraic approach to network coding (known as the Medard/Koetter framework) made network codes practical and easy to understand. Other significant network coding contributions include network coding for recovery and robustness, protection from wiretapping and outside attacks, and network coding for wireless relay networks. Her work on practical wireless network coding demonstrated that coding across different data flows in a wireless network improves performance of congested networks by orders of magnitude over standard routing techniques. Medard has also made fundamental contributions to the restoration, security, reliability, robustness, and capacity of high-speed optical networks.

An IEEE Fellow, Médard is the Cecil H. Green Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA.