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Larry Peterson
Larry Peterson
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Larry Peterson, a leader of experimental research that evaluates new ideas through large-scale worldwide deployment studies incorporating real prototypes has revolutionized networking research. Dr. Peterson’s PlanetLab has provided researchers with the ability to actually deploy and test distributed systems projects that were previously limited to paper studies and simulation. Initially deployed in 2002, it is currently the most widely used and influential platform for networking and distributed systems research. PlanetLab is a set of servers distributed across the Internet on which researchers can install and operate widely distributed systems such as content delivery networks, file sharing protocols and network measurement tools. Incorporating over 1,000 computers at 485 sites spread among over 40 countries and used by over 4,000 researchers, it has led to major innovations in distributed systems and has inspired many other platforms for network virtualization and distributed networks.

An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Peterson is currently the Robert E. Kahn Professor of Computer Science at Princeton University, N.J.