IEEE Denver Section History


IEEE Denver Section History
Established date 1915-05-18
IEEE Region 5
IEEE Council
Geographic region Denver
Region area West
Principal cities Denver, CO
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The IEEE Denver Section is currently comprised of more than 3600 engineers and technical professionals in the Denver - Boulder area. The Denver Section belongs to Region 5 in the IEEE organizational structure. Additionally, the Denver Section has an area specific website that includes information about events calendar, officers, and job postings. The website also features links to various Chapters and Affinity groups in the area.

The Mission statement of the Denver section is as follows: Enrich the professional and personal lives of the Rocky Mountain Region members, developing them into valued contributors to society through quality programs, continuing education, career development and community service; in collaboration with IEEE, industry, government and academia.

The Vision Statement of the Denver section in as follows: Become the foremost technical and professional organization of choice in the Rocky Mountain Region by 2015.


IRE Denver Decibel

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RockIEEE Overlook Newsletter

Past AIEE, IRE, and IRE Denver Section Chairs (1915-2013)

This is a listing of Section Chairs for the Denver American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) from 1915 to 1963, the Denver Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) from 1949 to 1963, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) from 1963 to 2013. The Denver AIEE Section was chartered in 1915 and the Denver IRE Section was chartered in 1949. Following the AIEE-IRE merger in 1963, both of these Sections became the Denver IEEE Section.

AIEE (established 1915)

Year Chair
1904-1905 Henry L. Doherty
1915-16 W.A. Carter
1916-17 H. S. Sands
1917-18 Norman Reed
1918-19 F. J. Rankin
1919-20 Herbert S. Evans
1920-21 D. C. McClure
1921-22 B.C.J. Wheatlake
1922-23 H. B. Barnes
1923-24 H.B. Dwight
1924-25 W.C. Duvall
1925-26 V. L. Board
1926-27 W. H. Edmunds
1927-28 A. L. Jones
1928-29 L. N. McClellan
1929-30 W. H. Bullock
1930-31 Robert B. Bonney
1931-32 R. E. Nyewander
1932-33 W. D. Hardaway
1933-34 A. W. Ainsworth
1934-35 G.S. Dring
1935-36 W.L. Cassell
1936-37 H. F. McPhail
1937-38 N. R. Love
1938-39 A. S. Anderson
1939-40 R. H. Owen
1940-41 W. G. Rubel
1941-42 Lawrence M. Robertson
1942-43 H. B. Palmer
1943-44 W. H. Taylor
1944-45 H. S. Sharp
1945-46 L. A. Goalby
1946-47 L. A. Stenger
1947-48 L. R. Patterson
1948-49 Charles W. Keller
1949-50 F. A. Easton
1950-51 W.A. Morgan
1951-52 E. R. Jones, Jr.
1952-53 R. B. Hubbard
1953-54 H. F. Gidlund
1954-55 H. A. Morgan
1955-56 Arlie E. Paige
1956-57 Max H. Kight
1957-58 O. P. Settles
1958-59 H. P. Deming
1959-60 J.E. Martin
1960-61 Wayne L. Smith
1961-62 W. J. Hanna
1962-63 F. E. Swain

IRE (Established 1949)

Year Chair
1949-51 T. G. Morrissey
1951-52 W. E. Clyne
1952-53 E. A. Post
1953-54 W. R. Bliss
1954-55 E. H. Forsman
1955-56 R. E. Swanson
1956-57 Jack W. Herbstreit
1957-58 Richard C. Webb
1958-59 S. B. Peterson
1959-60 W. G. Worcester
1960-61 W. D. George
1961-62 H. S. Johnson
1962-63 J. C. Twombly


Year Chair
1963-64 Arthur M. Spaulding
1964-65 F. P. Venditti
1965-66 J. J. Springer
1966-67 William F. Utlaut
1967-68 Kenneth E. Pratt
1968-69 Warren R. Wheeler
1970-71 George E. Gless
1971-72 Howard S. Smith
1972-73 Robert M. Shuffler,Jr.
1973-74 W. B. Collins
1974-75 John J. Tary
1975-76 Donald E.Dick
1976-77 K. C. Rock
1977-78 J. D. Peebles
1978-79 William D. Murray
1979-80 John F. Shafer
1980-81 Charles R. Wright
1981-82 John P. Nelson
1982-83 Charlotte R. Tyson
1983-84 Ronald B. Schroer
1984-85 John B. Richards
1985-86 William W. Whipkey
1987 Mike Neihoff
1988 Michael J. Foley
1989 Keith Henderson
1990 John R. Reesy
1991 Gary A. Peterson
1992 Paul Meisel
1993 Tom Gibbs
1994 Darrell Sabatka
1995 Robert Struthers
1996 Fred Jones/Dave Richmond
1997 Ron Delyser
1998 Ron Delyser
1999 Cliff J. Alston
2000 Jim West
Denver Section Officers, 2001-2021
Year Chair Vice chair Secretary Treasurer
2001 Tuan Ngo Isaac Eyeson Marcel Friedmann
2002 Tuan Ngo Gary Parker
2003 Gary Parker Kimberly Newman Edward Mathewson Thomas Hamilton
2004 Gary Parker Christopher Perry Thomas Hamilton
2005 Kevin Hight Doron Kishoni James Look Jim Roberts
2006 Kevin Hight Pankaj Goyal James Look Jim Roberts
2007 Pankaj Goyal James Jefferies Richard Robinson Reinaldo Perez
2008 James Jefferies James Look Richard Robinson Reinaldo Perez
2009 James Look Richard Robinson Joe Ewaskowitz Robert Wilson
2010 Richard Robinson Robert Faus Joe Ewaskowitz Robert Wilson
2011 Robert Faus Louis Tsai Timothy Weil Clifton Alston
2012 Louis Tsai Timothy Weil Rodney Mclain Clifton Alston
2013 Timothy Weil Jennifer Kramer Kartheek Chandu Rodney Mclain / James Look
2014 Jennifer Kramer Marc Kessler Valerie Schlecht Murali Baggu
2015 Marc Kessler Murali Baggu Matthew White Valerie Schlecht
2016 Murali Baggu Matthew White Jeff Hardy Ian Macmillan
2017 Ian Macmillan Jason Rupe Santosh Veda Jeff Hardy / Chris Crosby
2018 Ian Macmillan Jason Rupe Santosh Veda James Sipes
2019 Jason Rupe James Sipes Santosh Veda James Sipes
2020 Jason Rupe James Sipes Shibani Ghosh Avijit Saha
2021 James Sipes Jeff Hardy Shibani Ghosh Avijit Saha

Service Awards

Year Recipient
1983-84 J. D. Peebles
1984-85 James Springer
1985-86 Charles R. Wright
1987 John J. Tary
1988 John F. Shafer
1989 John Martin
1990 Gordon K. Lee
1991 John Richards
1992 Don Cottrell
1993 Ray Jukkola
1994 Dave Richmond
1995 Paul Meisel
1996 No Award
1997 Michael J. Foley
1998 Gary Peterson
1999 Marilyn Peterson
2000 Bob Struthers
2001 John Tsucalus
2002 Ron Delyser

In Memory of Charles R. (Charlie) Wright

Charles R. (Charlie) Wright was 1980-91 IEEE Denver Section Chair and IEEE Region 5 Director during 1984-85.

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