Herbert S. Evans


Herbert S. Evans
Herbert S. Evans
Richardson County, NE, USA
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Herbert S. Evans, Dean of the College of Engineering and Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Colorado, was born in Richardson County, Nebraska, on July 20, 1875.

After his early education in the local schools, he attended Morrill College, Kansas, for one year, 1891-1892, and then took up the study of Electrical Engineering at the University of Nebraska, where he received the B. S. (E. E.) degree in 1898, and the E. E. degree in 1900. While working toward his E. E. degree, he was in charge of the electrical work for the C. B. & Q. Railroad in Nebraska, continuing his work until 1901. At this time he was appointed instructor in electrical engineering at his Alma Mater, and was later promoted to adjunct professor. The honorary degree Doctor of Engineering was conferred upon him by the University of Nebraska in June, 1928.

In September, 1905, after a summer with the General Electric Company at Schenectady, New York, he was appointed Professor of Electrical Engineering and head of the department at the University of Colorado. This position he held until the fall of 1919, when, upon the resignation of Milo S. Ketchum, he was chosen Dean of the College of Engineering. As head of the College, Dean Evans came especially well qualified, for he had been acting dean during 1909-1910, and again during the trying war period of 1918-1919. At this time, too, he demonstrated unusual administrative ability as Director of all the S. A. T. C. activities at the University of Colorado.

Dean Evans joined the AIEE in 1905 and was transferred to the grade of Member in 1909. He was a past chairman of the Denver Section.

Dean Evans always has shown a broad, active interest in his profession and in state and local affairs. He was one of the outstanding citizens of Boulder, having served on the City Council since 1917, and being keenly interested and active in church work.

He was formerly chairman of one of the technical sections of the National Electric Light Association, and vice-president and member of the Council of the Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education. His other memberships include Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, and Sigma Tau. He has contributed numerous articles to engineering publications.