Jerry Merryman

Jerry Merryman
Hearne, TX, USA
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Texas Instruments
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Integrated Circuits


Jerry Merryman was born on June 17th, 1932, outside of Hearne, TX. At age 11, Merryman worked repairing radios at an appliance store, and taught himself electronics from Frederick Terman's book "Radio Engineering". In the 1950s, he attended Texas A&M, but left without earning a degree. He was hired by Texas Instruments in 1963, and worked under Jack Kilby, developing integrated circuits. In 1965, Patrick E. Haggerty wanted to break into the consumer market with a pocket calculator, and Merryman was assigned to the project. The calculator was introduced on the market in 1970 after licensing the technology to Canon.

Merryman died on February 27th, 2019.