IEEE Southern Minnesota Section History


IEEE Southern Minnesota Section History
Established date 1963-08-22
IEEE Region 4
IEEE Council
Geographic region Southern Minnesota
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The IEEE Southern Minnesota Section was formed 50 years ago on August 22, 1963.

The Southern Minnesota Section is part of Region 4 which encompasses the upper midwest in the United States. Regions are organized into sections with 24 sections in our region 4. We have 332 members of the 21,146 region 4 members ranking us as a small to medium sized section. Including guests, student, affiliate, and associate members we current mail 548 meeting notices each meeting. Our section is geographically large and extends roughly from just beyond Mankato, MN at the West to Tomah, WI at the east and from Northfield, MN at the north to the Iowa border at the south. Our neighboring sections are Siouxland to our west, Madison (WI) to the east, Central Illinois to the south (on the east end), Central Iowa to the south (on the west end), Cedar Rapids (IA) to the south (central), and Twin Cities (MN) to the north.

Coulee Subsection

The IEEE Coulee Subsection was formed on May 30, 1987 to better serve the areas in our section east of the Mississippi River and directly on the river's west side. The subsection is its own entity but within the Southern Minnesota Section. Coulee holds its own meetings and has 44 members (also included in the Southern Minnesota count).


IEEE has 38 societies which specialize by technology. Sections may have chapters in one or more of these societies depending on member interest. The Southern Minnesota Section has three chapters:

  • Computer Society Chapter - formed in 1987
  • Joint Chapter in Communications, Signal Processing, and Control Systems (one chapter in three societies) - formed in 1999
  • Engineering in Medicine and Biology Chapter - formed in 2007

In addition the section has an "affinity group" in the Consultants Network and an Employment network.


Most of our technical meetings are in one of the chapter disciplines. Typical of small to mid sized sections we deliver our technical content at the section level with invitations to all members regardless of Society affiliation (and recent guests).

Our member distribution is Rochester centric; almost all of our meetings are held in Rochester. In recent years we have been doing remote broadcasts in an attempt to better reach our more remote members.

IEEE Southern Minnesota holds a minimum of 8 technical meetings per year with an average about 10. Our attendance averages 40-50.

Meeting Venues

Meeting Venues in Roughly Oldest to Newest Order (non-inclusive)

Town House Restaurant (1) 3 blocks east of Mayo Clinic near the railroad tracks with a private meeting room upstairs

Holland Cafeteria (2) 216 1st Ave SW with a private meeting room upstairs. Owned by Newt Holland (later of Newt's fame).

IBM Auditorium

Elks Club (including husbands/wives/sweethearts dinner and installation of officers)

RCTC (3) not the old downtown junior college

Mayo Mann Hall (sometimes with Town House for meal - only occasional use in the early years)

Sheraton Hotel Ballroom (ladies night + awards & recognition) - joint with ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)

Waters Conley (3) a Rochester based manufacturer of wind-up phonographs (original product) and audio equipment (Conley 1915 -> Waters Conley -> Telex)

Mayo High School

St Marys Hospital classroom

Condor Lounge (4) A restaurant at the Rochester Airport

E F Johnson Corp (5) A developer and manufacturer of radio parts, especially trasnmitters in Waseca, MN established 1923/

Judd Hall at Mayo Clinic

Guggenheim Building, Mayo Clinic

Holiday Inn South (6) Located at 16th Street and South Braodway for many years.

Howard Johnson's (7) A restaurant near Barlows at the SW corner of Civic Center Drive and 16th St SW

Mayo Medical Museum (8) A longtime popular fixture at Mayo that eventually gave way to a parking ramp.

Midway Motor Lodge (9) A popular meeting and dining place at 1517 16th St. S.W across US 52 from Apache Mall. Opened in 1977 and now a Ramada Inn.

Waldo's Pizza (10) as early as 1984 and almost exclusively starting 1992. A local pizza restaurant located at Miracle Mile with a private back room that we eventually outgrew.

Mayo Clinic Mann Hall almost exclusively the host for our meetings starting in the mid 1990's.

Past Officers

2010 - 2013

First Name Last Name Position Year
Paul Dahlen Chair 2010
Ronald Jensen Computer Chapter Chair 2010
Jason Clegg Engineering in Medicine & Biology Chapter Chair 2010
Chris Felton Joint Chapters* 2010
Ronald Jensen Membership Development 2010
Scott Dahl Professional Activities 2010
William Gorder Secretary 2010
Eldon Nelson Student Activities 2010
David Paulsen Technical Activities 2010
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2010
Paula Britson Vice Chair 2010
Paula Britson Webmaster 2010
Paula Britson Chair 2011
Ronald Jensen Computer Chapter Chair 2011
Steven Kerchberger Consultants Network Affinity Group 2011
Jason Clegg Engineering in Medicine & Biology Chapter Chair 2011
Chris Felton Joint Chapters* 2011
Ronald Jensen Membership Development 2011
Scott Dahl Professional Activities 2011
William Gorder Secretary 2011
Eldon Nelson Student Activities 2011
David Paulsen Technical Activities 2011
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2011
Paul Dahlen Vice Chair 2011
Paula Britson Webmaster 2011
Paula Britson Chair 2012
Ronald Jensen Computer Chapter Chair 2012
Steven Kerchberger Consultants Network Affinity Group 2012
Jason Clegg Engineering in Medicine & Biology Chapter Chair 2012
Chris Felton Joint Chapters* 2012
Ronald Jensen Membership Development 2012
Michael Fallenstein Professional Activities 2012
Scott Dahl Professional Activities 2012
William Gorder Secretary 2012
David Paulsen Student Activities 2012
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2012
Paul Dahlen Vice Chair 2012
Michael Fallenstein Webmaster 2012
Paula Britson Webmaster 2012
Paula Britson Chair 2013
Ronald Jensen Computer Chapter Chair 2013
Steven Kerchberger Consultants Network Affinity Group 2013
Cristian Linte Engineering in Medicine & Biology Chapter Chair 2013
Chris Felton Joint Chapters* 2013
Ronald Jensen Membership Development 2013
Michael Fallenstein Professional Activities 2013
William Gorder Secretary 2013
David Paulsen Student Activities 2013
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2013
Paul Dahlen Vice Chair 2013
Michael Fallenstein Webmaster 2013
Paula Britson Chair 2014
Paul Dahlen Vice Chair 2014
William Gorder Secretary 2014
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2014
Paula Britson Chair 2015
Paul Dahlen Vice Chair 2015
Paula Britson Secretary 2015
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2015
David Paulsen Chair 2016
Michael Fallenstein Vice chair 2016
Paula Britson Secretary 2016
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2016
David Paulsen Chair 2017
Michael Fallenstein Vice chair 2017
Victoria Marks Secretary 2017
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2017
David Paulsen Chair 2018
Michael Fallenstein Vice chair 2018
Victoria Marks Secretary 2018
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2018
David Paulsen Chair 2019
Michael Fallenstein Vice chair 2019
Victoria Marks Secretary 2019
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2019
David Paulsen Chair 2020
Christopher White Vice chair 2020
Victoria Marks Secretary 2020
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2020
David Paulsen Chair 2021
Christopher White Vice chair 2021
Victoria Marks Secretary 2021
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2021

2000 - 2009

First Name Last Name Position Year
Robert Harveland Chair 2000
Duane Wenzel Computer Chapter Chair 2000
Vincent Lynch Educational Activities 2000
Scott Dahl Joint Chapters* 2000
Ronald Jensen Membership Development 2000
Chris Kimble Newsletter Editor 2000
William Gorder Secretary 2000
Paul Dahlinger Student Activities 2000
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2000
Jason Clegg Vice Chair 2000
Diane Manlove Webmaster 2000
Robert Harveland Chair 2001
Duane Wenzel Computer Chapter Chair 2001
Vincent Lynch Educational Activities 2001
Scott Dahl Joint Chapters* 2001
Ronald Jensen Membership Development 2001
Chris Kimble Newsletter Editor 2001
William Gorder Secretary 2001
Paul Dahlinger Student Activities 2001
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2001
Jason Clegg Vice Chair 2001
Diane Manlove Webmaster 2001
Robert Harveland Chair 2002
Duane Wenzel Computer Chapter Chair 2002
Vincent Lynch Educational Activities 2002
Scott Dahl Joint Chapters* 2002
Ronald Jensen Membership Development 2002
Chris Kimble Newsletter Editor 2002
William Gorder Secretary 2002
Donald Kolbert Student Activities 2002
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2002
Jason Clegg Vice Chair 2002
Diane Manlove Webmaster 2002
Robert Harveland Chair 2003
Duane Wenzel Computer Chapter Chair 2003
Ronald Jensen Computer Chapter Chair 2003
Vincent Lynch Educational Activities 2003
Scott Dahl Joint Chapters* 2003
James Carey Membership Development 2003
Chris Kimble Newsletter Editor 2003
William Gorder Secretary 2003
Eugene Lin Student Activities 2003
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2003
Jason Clegg Vice Chair 2003
Diane Manlove Webmaster 2003
Jason Clegg Chair 2004
Ronald Jensen Computer Chapter Chair 2004
Elizabeth Edwards Graduates of the Last Decade 2004
Scott Dahl Joint Chapters* 2004
James Carey Membership Development 2004
Dennis Spathis Newsletter Editor 2004
William Gorder Secretary 2004
Andy Kim Student Activities 2004
David Paulsen Student Activities 2004
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2004
Robert Harveland Vice Chair 2004
Diane Manlove Webmaster 2004
Jason Clegg Chair 2005
Ronald Jensen Computer Chapter Chair 2005
Elizabeth Edwards Graduates of the Last Decade 2005
Scott Dahl Joint Chapters* 2005
James Carey Membership Development 2005
Dennis Spathis Newsletter Editor 2005
William Gorder Secretary 2005
David Paulsen Student Activities 2005
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2005
Nicolas Chbat Vice Chair 2005
Diane Manlove Webmaster 2005
Jason Clegg Chair 2006
Ronald Jensen Computer Chapter Chair 2006
Scott Dahl Joint Chapters* 2006
Ronald Jensen Membership Development 2006
Dennis Spathis Newsletter Editor 2006
William Gorder Secretary 2006
David Paulsen Student Activities 2006
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2006
Dennis Spathis Vice Chair 2006
Diane Manlove Webmaster 2006
Jason Clegg Chair 2007
Ronald Jensen Computer Chapter Chair 2007
Joe Kamath Engineering in Medicine & Biology Chapter Chair 2007
Scott Dahl Joint Chapters* 2007
Ronald Jensen Membership Development 2007
Dennis Spathis Newsletter Editor 2007
William Gorder Secretary 2007
David Paulsen Student Activities 2007
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2007
Dennis Spathis Vice Chair 2007
Diane Manlove Webmaster 2007
Dennis Spathis Chair 2008
Ronald Jensen Computer Chapter Chair 2008
Joe Kamath Engineering in Medicine & Biology Chapter Chair 2008
Scott Dahl Joint Chapters* 2008
Ronald Jensen Membership Development 2008
Dennis Spathis Newsletter Editor 2008
William Gorder Secretary 2008
Brian Reed Student Activities 2008
David Paulsen Student Activities 2008
David Paulsen Technical Activities 2008
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2008
Paul Dahlen Vice Chair 2008
Dennis Spathis Chair 2009
Paul Dahlen Chair 2009
Ronald Jensen Computer Chapter Chair 2009
Joe Kamath Engineering in Medicine & Biology Chapter Chair 2009
Chris Felton Joint Chapters* 2009
Scott Dahl Joint Chapters* 2009
Ronald Jensen Membership Development 2009
Dennis Spathis Newsletter Editor 2009
Scott Dahl Professional Activities 2009
William Gorder Secretary 2009
Brian Reed Student Activities 2009
David Paulsen Technical Activities 2009
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 2009
Paul Dahlen Vice Chair 2009
Paula Britson Webmaster 2009

1990 - 1999

First Name Last Name Position Year
Gregory Keyes Awards & Recognition Chair 1990
Donald Kolbert Chair 1990
Gerald Balm Computer Chapter Chair 1990
Vincent Lynch Educational Activities 1990
Robert Dubke Membership Development 1990
Gerald Balm Professional Activities 1990
Salaheddin Obeid Professional Activities 1990
Matthew Graham Secretary 1990
Jeffrey Brown Treasurer 1990
William Gorder Vice Chair 1990
William Gorder Chair 1991
Thomas Paska Computer Chapter Chair 1991
Vincent Lynch Educational Activities 1991
Jeffrey Brown Membership Development 1991
Robert Dubke Membership Development 1991
Martha Tullis Newsletter Editor 1991
Foud Mrad Professional Activities 1991
Jeffrey Brown Professional Activities 1991
Donald Kolbert Secretary 1991
Martha Tullis Secretary 1991
Matthew Graham Treasurer 1991
Jeffrey Brown Vice Chair 1991
Salaheddin Obeid Vice Chair 1991
James Carey Awards & Recognition Chair 1992
Matthew Graham Chair 1992
Jeffrey Brown Computer Chapter Chair 1992
Vincent Lynch Educational Activities 1992
Ellen Reid Membership Development 1992
Chris Kimble Newsletter Editor 1992
Thomas Paska Professional Activities 1992
Reza Ghotbi Secretary 1992
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 1992
Jeffrey Brown Vice Chair 1992
Thomas Roettger Vice Chair 1992
Walter (Dave) Braddock Awards & Recognition Chair 1993
Thomas Roettger Chair 1993
Matthew Graham Computer Chapter Chair 1993
Vincent Lynch Educational Activities 1993
James Carey Membership Development 1993
Chris Kimble Newsletter Editor 1993
Thomas Paska Professional Activities 1993
William Gorder Secretary 1993
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 1993
Jeffrey Brown Vice Chair 1993
Walter (Dave) Braddock Awards & Recognition Chair 1994
Thomas Roettger Chair 1994
Matthew Graham Computer Chapter Chair 1994
Vincent Lynch Educational Activities 1994
James Carey Membership Development 1994
Chris Kimble Newsletter Editor 1994
Thomas Paska Professional Activities 1994
William Gorder Secretary 1994
Noelle Sesta Student Activities 1994
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 1994
Ronald Jensen Vice Chair 1994
Walter (Dave) Braddock Awards & Recognition Chair 1995
Ronald Jensen Chair 1995
Matthew Graham Computer Chapter Chair 1995
Vincent Lynch Educational Activities 1995
Chris Kimble Newsletter Editor 1995
Thomas Paska Professional Activities 1995
William Gorder Secretary 1995
Noelle Sesta Student Activities 1995
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 1995
Jeffrey Brown Vice Chair 1995
Walter (Dave) Braddock Awards & Recognition Chair 1996
Ronald Jensen Chair 1996
Matthew Graham Computer Chapter Chair 1996
Vincent Lynch Educational Activities 1996
Timothy Wolf Membership Development 1996
Chris Kimble Newsletter Editor 1996
Richard Hall Professional Activities 1996
William Gorder Secretary 1996
Noelle Sesta Student Activities 1996
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 1996
Jeffrey Brown Vice Chair 1996
Thomas Roettger Awards & Recognition Chair 1997
Ronald Jensen Chair 1997
Duane Wenzel Computer Chapter Chair 1997
Pat Wong Computer Chapter Chair 1997
Vincent Lynch Educational Activities 1997
Timothy Wolf Membership Development 1997
Chris Kimble Newsletter Editor 1997
Richard Hall Professional Activities 1997
William Gorder Secretary 1997
Paul Dahlinger Student Activities 1997
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 1997
Robert Harveland Vice Chair 1997
Timothy Wolf Awards & Recognition Chair 1998
Ronald Jensen Chair 1998
Duane Wenzel Computer Chapter Chair 1998
Jason Clegg Computer Chapter Chair 1998
Vincent Lynch Educational Activities 1998
Thomas Roettger Membership Development 1998
Chris Kimble Newsletter Editor 1998
Richard Hall Professional Activities 1998
William Gorder Secretary 1998
Paul Dahlinger Student Activities 1998
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 1998
Robert Harveland Vice Chair 1998
Diane Manlove Webmaster 1998
Robert Harveland Chair 1999
Duane Wenzel Computer Chapter Chair 1999
Jason Clegg Computer Chapter Chair 1999
Vincent Lynch Educational Activities 1999
Susan Funk Graduates of the Last Decade 1999
Scott Dahl Joint Chapters* 1999
Ronald Jensen Membership Development 1999
Chris Kimble Newsletter Editor 1999
William Gorder Secretary 1999
Paul Dahlinger Student Activities 1999
Steven Kerchberger Treasurer 1999
Juan Arevalo Vice Chair 1999
Diane Manlove Webmaster 1999

1980 - 1989

First Name Last Name Position Year
Karl Shidler Secretary/Treasurer 1980
Karl Shidler Student Activities 1980
Larry Koshire Vice Chair 1980
Larry Koshire Chair 1981
Robert Dubke Professional Activities 1981
Karl Shidler Secretary/Treasurer 1981
Robert Dubke Student Activities 1981
Greg Lisle Chair 1982
Greg Lisle Newsletter Editor 1982
Larry Koshire Professional Activities 1982
Robert Dubke Student Activities 1982
Steven Abraham Treasurer 1982
Karl Shidler Vice Chair 1982
Greg Lisle Newsletter Editor 1983
Larry Koshire Professional Activities 1983
Li-Pang Lu Secretary 1983
Robert Dubke Student Activities 1983
Steven Abraham Treasurer 1983
Mark Kotschevar Vice Chair 1983
Mark Kotschevar Chair 1984
Greg Lisle Membership Development 1984
Greg Lisle Newsletter Editor 1984
Larry Koshire Professional Activities 1984
Bruce Staples Secretary 1984
Gregory Keyes Secretary 1984
Robert Dubke Student Activities 1984
Joseph Cahill Treasurer 1984
Gilbert Singco Vice Chair 1984
Steven Abraham Chair 1985
Larry Koshire Membership Development 1985
Joseph Cahill Newsletter Editor 1985
Larry Koshire Professional Activities 1985
Gregory Keyes Secretary 1985
Beth Ericksen Treasurer 1985
Gilbert Singco Vice Chair 1985
Gilbert Singco Chair 1986
Gregory Keyes Educational Activities 1986
Gregory Keyes Professional Activities 1986
Bradley Rubin Secretary 1986
James Carey Student Activities 1986
Gregory Keyes Vice Chair 1986
Jeffrey Brown Awards & Recognition Chair 1987
Bradley Rubin Chair 1987
Dave Geller Computer Chapter Chair 1987
Robert Dubke Membership Development 1987
Don Gilliland Professional Activities 1987
Kevin Jones Secretary 1987
James Carey Student Activities 1987
Scott Dahl Treasurer 1987
Donald Gabrielson Vice Chair 1987
Jeffrey Brown Chair 1988
Gerald Balm Computer Chapter Chair 1988
Robert Dubke Membership Development 1988
Bill Hunt Secretary 1988
Gregory Keyes Treasurer 1988
Matthew Graham Vice Chair 1988
Gregory Keyes Awards & Recognition Chair 1989
Matthew Graham Chair 1989
Dave Hixon Computer Chapter Chair 1989
Bruce Staples Educational Activities 1989
Robert Dubke Membership Development 1989
Gerald Balm Professional Activities 1989
Robert Dubke Professional Activities 1989
Jeffrey Brown Secretary 1989
Donald Kolbert Vice Chair 1989

1970 - 1979

First Name Last Name Position Year
Paul Babel Chair 1970
Al Benson Membership Development 1970
Stan Whiting Publicity 1970
Ronald Keller Secretary 1970
Martin Storma Treasurer 1970
Norman Sorenson Treasurer 1970
Del Hollenbach Vice Chair 1970
Martin Storma Chair 1971
Stan Whiting Publicity 1971
Al Benson Secretary 1971
Norman Sorenson Treasurer 1971
Ronald Keller Vice Chair 1971
Ronald Keller Chair 1972
Russ Wright Membership Development 1972
Rex Patton Publicity 1972
Thomas Paska Secretary 1972
James Dalley Treasurer 1972
William Sutterer Vice Chair 1972
William Sutterer Chair 1973
Russ Wright Membership Development 1973
Rex Patton Publicity 1973
James Dalley Secretary 1973
James Wilson Treasurer 1973
James Dalley Chair 1974
Ronald Keller Publicity 1974
Rex Patton Secretary 1974
George Lerom Treasurer 1974
James Wilson Vice Chair 1974
Robert Rowen Chair 1975
Mark Diez Membership Development 1975
Ronald Keller Publicity 1975
Ronald Shaw Secretary 1975
Joanne Rowen Student Activities 1975
Rex Patton Treasurer 1975
George Lerom Vice Chair 1975
James Wilson Chair 1976
Mark Diez Membership Development 1976
Leslie Miner Secretary 1976
Joanne Rowen Treasurer 1976
Robert Wang Vice Chair 1976
Robert Wang Chair 1977
Mark Diez Membership Development 1977
Leslie Miner Secretary 1977
Bruce Pratt Treasurer 1977
Vic Tatak Vice Chair 1977
Robert Dubke Chair 1978
Mark Diez Membership Development 1978
Ronald Shaw Professional Activities 1978
Mark Diez Publicity 1978
Charlie Brown Secretary 1978
Karl Shidler Student Activities 1978
Bruce Pratt Treasurer 1978
Gan Moy Treasurer 1978
Alfred Anderson Vice Chair 1978
Charlie Brown Chair 1979
Mark Diez Membership Development 1979
Karl Shidler Professional Activities 1979
Mark Diez Publicity 1979
Larry Koshire Secretary 1979
Karl Shidler Student Activities 1979
Mark Diez Student Activities 1979
Gan Moy Treasurer 1979
Leslie Miner Vice Chair 1979

1964 - 1969

First Name Last Name Position Year
Robert Floyd Chair 1964
Donald Shaw Chair 1966
Jacob Sanders Membership Development 1966
Richard Westerlund Publicity 1966
Kenneth Hastings Secretary 1966
William Dunnette Treasurer 1966
James Isaacson Vice Chair 1966
Kenneth Hastings Chair 1967
Jacob Sanders Membership Development 1967
Ronald Keller Publicity 1967
Monroe Brown Secretary 1967
Wayne Cassanova Treasurer 1967
William Dunnette Vice Chair 1967
William Dunnette Chair 1968
Jacob Sanders Membership Development 1968
Ronald Keller Publicity 1968
Wayne Cassanova Secretary 1968
Myron Schettl Student Activities 1968
Kenneth Ganyo Treasurer 1968
Lowell Brown Treasurer 1968
George Sedivy Vice Chair 1968
Monroe Brown Vice Chair 1968
Jacob Sanders Chair 1969
Paul Babel Membership Development 1969
Ronald Keller Publicity 1969
George Sedivy Secretary 1969
Kenneth Ganyo Treasurer 1969
Wayne Cassanova Vice Chair 1969

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