IEEE Twin Cities Section History


IEEE Twin Cities Section History
Established date 1902-04-07
IEEE Region 4
IEEE Council
Geographic region Twin Cities
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Brief History

In 1902, the AIEE formulated rules for the establishment of Sections and Student Branches outside of New York. At that time, a group of electrical engineers in the Twin Cities, including George Shepardson, Edward Burch, Frank Springer and Charles Pillsbury requested the institute to establish a Section in their area.

On April 7, 1902, a charter was issued for a Minnesota Section, covering the territory: part of Wisconsin, Minnesota and North and South Dakota. Dr. George Shepardson was the Chairman from 1902 to 1905. This was the second Section of the Institute, Chicago being the first.

The Twin Cities Section is old enough that it also has origins in the IRE. The Twin Cities Section of the IRE was established in 1941 with C.A. Culver as Chairman. The Territory of the Section was quite similar to the Minnesota Section of the AIEE.

When the AIEE and IRE merged in 1963, the Twin Cities Sections of the previously separate organizations did so as well. Thus the Twin Cities Section of the IRE and the Minnesota Section of the AIEE became the Twin Cities Section of the IEEE. Mr. Al Martin was the Chairman of the IRE Section and Mr. Don Peterson was the Chairman of the AIEE Section and by a flip of the coin Mr. Peterson became the first Chairman of the merged Sections. As of 1984, the membership was approximately 3,000.

The section maintains a list of its past officers, from 1902 to present, on its website.

Women in Engineering in the Twin Cities

In 1993, the Twin Cities Section commemorated women in engineering in the section. Below are pictures documenting the exhibit. 


Section Officers

AIEE Twin Cities Section Officers
Year Chair Secretary
1904-1905 George D. Shepardson E.P. Burch
1906 Edward P. Burch Barry Dibble
1907 H.J. Gille Barry Dibble
1908 E.H. Schofield A.L. Abbott
1909 Barry Dibble J.C. Vincent
1910 J.C. Vincent J.H. Schumacher
1911 Chas. L. Pillsbury Thomas M. Gibbs
1912 A.L. Abbott Fred A. Otto
1913 W.T. Ryan Fred G. Dustin
1914 Leo H. Cooper Emil Anderson
1915 E.T. Street Walter J. Beckjord
1916 R.A. Lundquist Vernon S. Beck
1917 F.W. Springer A.B. King
1918-1919 Meyer Barnert J.D. Marshall
1920 J.D. Marshall Geo. R. Jones
1921 W.T. Ryan F.A. Otto
1922 Fred A. Otto H.W. Meyer
1923 H.W. Meyer N.W. Kingsley
1924 E.H. Scofield Allen Dewars
1925 A.G. Dewars J.E. Sumpter
1926 S.B. Hood M.E. Todd
1927 J.E. Sumpter Gilbert Cooley
1928 M.E. Todd V.E. Engquist
1929 V.E. Engquist Oscar Gaarden
1930 D.K. Lewis H.J. Pierce
1931 Oscar Gaarden E.H. Hagensick
1932 H.J. Pierce R.R. Herrmann
1933 E.H. Hagensick P.G. Bowman
1934 R.R. Herrmann J.H. Kuhlmann
1935 P.G. Bowman Andrew Nelson
1936 J.H. Kuhlmann C.H. Nelson
1937 A. Nelson I.B. Garthus
1938 C.H. Nelson R.E. Burlingame
1939 I.B. Garthus K.J. Mertz
1940 R.E. Burlingame H.E. Hartig
1941 K.J. Mertz W.H. Gille
1942 Wm. Endicott C.W. Lethert
1943 W.H. Gille L.A. Griffith
1944 C.W. Lethert F.W. Hotchkiss
1945 Leroy A. Griffith John H. Merriman
1946 H.E. Hartig Donald C. Gray
1947 John H. Merriman Lincoln A. Rietow
1948 Harry P. Bruncke Albert J. Hendry
1949 Lincoln Rietow R.E. Willey
1950 A.J. Hendry G.G. Germain
1951 G.B. Germain R.M. Kalb
1952 E.A. Wilson P.A. Cartwright
1953 R.E. Willey J.J. Rudolf, Jr.
1954 P.A. Cartwright R.G. Lynn
1955 J.J. Rudolf S.N. Witts
1956 R.G. Lynn J.H. Forchtner
1957 Seth N. Witts H.W. Ecker
1958 James Forchtner C.A. Fagrelius
1959 H.W. Ecker E.C. Davidson
1960-1961 C.A. Fagrelius L.A. Helling
1962 L.A. Helling L.H. Youngborst
IEEE Twin Cities Section Officers
Year Chair Vice chair Secretary Treasurer
2001 Ben Manning James Mclinn Steven James Daniel Lowry
2002 James Mclinn Steven James Gregory Burk Daniel Lowry
2003 Steven James Gregory Burk John Hoschette Daniel Lowry
2004 Gregory Burk Jon Moon C Greene Daniel Lowry
2005 Jon Moon C Greene David Hendrickson Daniel Lowry
2006 C Greene David Hendrickson Arun Kumar Lawrence Akre Jr.
2007 David Hendrickson Arun Kumar Dave Shonts Lawrence Akre Jr.
2008 Arun Kumar Dave Shonts Lee Globus Lawrence Akre Jr.
2009 Arun Kumar Lee Globus Dave Hoff Lawrence Akre Jr.
2010 Lee Globus Roger Montague Mythili Chaganti Kyle Iverson
2011 Kyle Iverson Joseph Palmiter Dave Hoff Erik Juhl
2012 Joseph Palmiter Thomas Kansier Brady Mayes Steve Hamilton
2013 Thomas Kansier Andrew Mccain Brady Mayes Ivan Roth
2014 Andrew Mccain Brian Bock Brady Mayes Ivan Roth
2015 Andrew Mccain Brian Bock Brady Mayes Ivan Roth
2016 Brian Bock Steve Weber Eldon Nelson James Dunn
2017 Steve Weber Eldon Nelson Stephen Maresh James Dunn
2018 Steve Weber Eldon Nelson Stephen Maresh James Dunn
2019 Eldon Nelson Stephen Maresh Jeffrey Norman James Dunn
2020 Eldon Nelson Stephen Maresh Sorabh Lal James Dunn
2021 Stephen Maresh Sorabh Lal Rahul Gomes James Dunn

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