IEEE Madison Section History

IEEE Madison Section History
Established date 1909-01-08
IEEE Region 4
IEEE Council
Geographic region Madison
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AIEE Madison Section Officers

Year Chair Secretary
1909 C.E. Carter J.W. Shuster
1910 M.H. Collbohm H.B. Sanford
1911 J.N. Cadby H.B. Sanford
1912 E.H. Kifer F.A. Kartak
1913 Edward Bennett F.A. Kartak
1914 J.W. Shuster F.A. Kartak
1915 M.C. Beebe F.A. Kartak
1916 F.A. Kartak L.E.A. Kelso
1917 J.R. Price L.E.A. Kelso
1918 James W. Watson L.E.A. Kelso
1919 C.M. Jansky L.E.A. Kelso
1920 G.C. Neff H.M. Crothers
1921 C.B. Hayden H.M. Crothers
1922 H.M. Crothers R.G. Walter
1923 G.E. Wagner R.G. Walter
1924 R.G. Walter Leo J. Peters
1925 L.E.A. Kelso Leo J. Peters
1926 E.J. Kallevang H.J. Hunt
1927 J.T. Rood H.J. Hunt
1928 L.J. Peters L.C. Larson
1929 R.E. Purucker L.C. Larson
1930 L.C. Larson G.F. Tracy
1931 N.H. Blume G.F. Tracy
1932 G.F. Tracy R.E. Johnson
1933 T.A. Brown R.E. Johnson
1934 R.E. Johnson R.R. Benedict
1935 A.C. Elley R.R. Benedict
1936 R.R. Benedict W.A. Kuehlthau
1937-1938 E.D. Ayres W.A. Kuehlthau
1939 W.A. Kuehlthau H.J. Kubiak
1940 H.J. Kubiak F.A. Mexfield
1941 R.R. Knofl
1942 R.R. Knofl E.J. Van Duesen
1943 L.C. Larson F.D. Mackie
1944 F.D. Mackie G.F. Tracy
1945 J.A. Roller Carl C. Crane
1946 Carl C. Crane B.C. Lueders
1947 Berhnard C. Lueders Lawrence F. Kehoe
1948 Lawrence F. Kehoe Leonard Hesse
1949 Leonard Hesse Rubin A. Imm
1950 H.A. Peterson T.J. Higgins
1951 T.J. Higgins N.L. Schmitz
1952 Harry Skiles Fay Morgan
1954 F.B. Morgan M.I. Smith
1955 M.G. Spooner D.K. Reitan
1956 Russell J. LeBosquet John T. Wright
1957 J.T. Wright R.H. Balliette
1959 R.H. Balliette B. Johnson
1960-1961 V.C. Rideout J.J. Skiles
1962 A. Tiedemann J.B. Miller

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