IEEE Macau Section History

IEEE Macau Section History
Established date 2003-11-14
IEEE Region 10
IEEE Council
Geographic region Macau
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Section History

The Macua section is located in Region 10, and is not represented by any Council. The Official Inauguration of the IEEE Macau Section was held on February 17, 2004. The event was hosted by Arthur Winston, 2004 IEEE President.

The IEEE President 2006 - Prof. Michael Lightner visited the Section, and presented to members on 11 January, 2006

Macau hosted the 2008 IEEE ASIA PACIFIC CONFERENCE ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS - APCCAS 2008 at the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel, Macau, 30 November – 3 December, 2008.


A joint chapter of the Antennas & Propagation and MTT Societies was established in November 2010.

A joint chapter of the Power & Energy Society and Power Electronics Society was established in August 2013.


IEEE Membership

1994 - IEEE Members less than 10.

2000 - IEEE Members around 100.

2003 - IEEE Members around 150.

University Education and Student Branch

The University Education for Macau was:

  • Prior to 1981, Engineering Graduates came from outside Macao, ie, Hong Kong, Portugal, China, Taiwan, USA, UK, and other countries.
  • 1981 University of East Asia, (UEA) with a 3-year private English University, but no Engineering Degrees.
  • 1989 Creation of the Faculty of Science and Technology,UEA, with 4-year Bachelor’s degree in EEE, Software Eng. and later EME.
  • 1991 UEA re-named as University of Macau (UM) as a Public University.
  • 1993 First Batch of Graduates in EEE.
  • 1994 First Batch of Graduates in Software Engineering, Beginning of the 1990’s.
  • 1996 Starting of Ph.D. Programs in EEE and Software Engineering at UM.
  • 1999 Student Branch established as part of the Student Union at the UM.

Section Officers

Year Chair
2004 Founding Chair - Rui Martins
MACAU Rui Martins.jpg
2005 Rui Martins
2007 Chi Tin Hon
Macau Photo Hon.jpg

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