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Arthur W. Winston
Arthur Winston
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Arthur W. Winston, IEEE President, 2004, was one of the founders of the Tufts Gordon Institute, and a professor at Tufts University.


Dr. Winston earned his bachelor’s degree in engineering physics from the University of Toronto, Canada, and his doctoral degree in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He was one of the founders of the Tufts Gordon Institute, a graduate program in Engineering Management and continues to serve as a professor there.  In 2007, he was one of three recipients of the Bernard M. Gordon Prize by the National Academy of Engineering which recognizes innovation in engineering and technology education.

Dr. Winston has also made notable contributions outside of academia.  His has worked with Bell Telephone Company in Canada, Canada's National Research Council, and Allied Research Corporation (now part of Boeing). He developed the NASA Apollo Heat Shield Re-entry Temperature Measurement System as well as a worldwide nuclear test monitoring system. He has written over 100 papers and holds three patents.

He served as the 2004 President of the IEEE.

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