IEEE China Lake-Bakersfield Section History


IEEE China Lake-Bakersfield Section History
Established date 1949-03-01
IEEE Region 6
IEEE Council Los Angeles
Geographic region China Lake-Bakersfield
Region area SA
Principal cities
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Quoted from August 1996, the Institute

written by Bob Alden

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CHINA LAKE is an IEEE section of about 250 members located in the Mojave Desert in California, USA. Bob McGahern, the section's education and student activities chair, sent me the following information that I am pleased to pass along. If you thought that a section with a small, widely dispersed membership and relatively few resources could not have a home page, think again! Here are Bob McGahern's words: 

"The China Lake Section of IEEE is pleased to announce an "open house" at its new Internet home page located at URL "" or through links from a couple of other IEEE Web sites. We currently have three Web pages under construction with more on the way in the coming months. At the moment we have a Main Education Home Page, which has hyperlinks to our Current Events page, as well as a Member Services page.

"Our main page is intended as a general-purpose source of miscellaneous electrical engineering and computer science information. We've placed hyperlinks to a variety of educational institutions such as colleges, libraries and distance-learning organizations, in addition to a few more subtle forms of educational material, like on-line engineering magazines, design competitions and various interesting engineering design projects currently underway within industry and the Defense Department. In addition, we provide links to various engineering suppliers, as well as links to Web pages dedicated to VIPs such as Thomas Edison, Charles Babbage, Nikola Tesla and George Boole.

"Our Current Events page provides a no-frills, up-to-date listing of our (ever-evolving) 1996 calendar of events. This page changes frequently, as we usually arrange a monthly luncheon meeting with a guest speaker on various engineering topics. In addition, this year we are also running a series of short (30- to 90-minute) monthly video lectures on a trial basis. From this page you can see for yourself why the China Lake Section has won the Los Angeles Council Section Attendance Award the last two years in a row!

"At this time, our Member Services page in still in its infant stage, but it does provide an electronic version of our local newsletter, hyperlinks to several IEEE home pages and convenient e-mail links to a list of IEEE offices. We're looking to add additional IEEE information to this page all the time, so let us know if there is something we are missing here!

"I should also point out that this page owes its very existence to Bob Alden, the "Information Highway" columnist in The Institute. His clear and timely articles on the ways and means of creating Web pages prompted me to peck away at my keyboard and try to get one on line! At China Lake, we're trying to use the information in his other articles (e-mail, mailing lists, etc.) too, as they always prove to be very helpful. So, many thanks go out to Bob Alden from the China Lake Section. Keep up the good work, Bob!

"So make a point to check us out one of these days! Our Web pages are still in engineering development and any comments or suggestions would be welcomed and very appreciated. Catch the wave at IEEE China Lake!"

China Lake-Bakersfield Section Officers
Year Chair Vice chair Secretary Treasurer
2000 John Walker James Serpanos
2001 John Walker James Serpanos
2002 James Serpanos Patrick Keller L-Jane Maurice John Walker
2003 Patrick Keller John Walker
2004 Norman Hines Patrick Keller John Walker
2005 James Serpanos Patrick Keller John Walker
2006 John Walker Norman Hines Patrick Keller
2007 Patrick Keller
2011 Jonathan White Colin Kearney Uday Doshi Octavio Escobedo
2012 Jonathan White Colin Kearney Uday Doshi Octavio Escobedo
2013 Jonathan White Quinn Woodard Helen Garrison Octavio Escobedo
2014 Octavio Escobedo Quinn Woodard Ryan Clemente Wesley Winkler
2015 Octavio Escobedo Anton Noz Ryan Clemente Wesley Winkler
2016 Octavio Escobedo Wesley Winkler Ryan Clemente James Mcalpin
2017 Octavio Escobedo Wesley Winkler Ryan Clemente James Mcalpin
2018 Octavio Escobedo Wesley Winkler Ryan Clemente Thomas Henderson
2019 Thomas Henderson Wesley Winkler Ryan Clemente Sandra Alvarez
2020 Thomas Henderson Wesley Winkler Ryan Clemente Sandra Alvarez
2021 Thomas Henderson Wesley Winkler Ryan Clemente

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